Create a 30 second "Fan Video" Promotional Video for iOS Minecraft Pocket Edition

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I don't have much experience with videos so I am just going to do the best I can here and then amend the brief as questions come up.

I am looking for someone to create a "Fan Video" that is inspired by the iOS version of the game "Minecraft." That's about it, I don't have any input in terms of creative ideas or content or how the video should actually look or sound. If you are not a huge Minecraft fan yourself, hopefully you can channel the feelings of this huge retro gaming phenomenon. The sound track should have an upbeat "pump" audio track like you would use in your demo reel. The final video should be rendered at 720p. The video must be free of any copyright issues, no licensing issues around the sound track/music or video imagery, screenshots, etc. This video needs to be legal and not get flagged by YouTube for any reason. I think a couple screenshots are ok but to be used sparingly, I'm not a copyright expert and as a video creator you probably have a better sense of what is "ok" legally speaking ... This is why I am saying create a video "inspired by" the iOS Minecraft game. Here is a link to the game:

[login to view URL]

This is the first time we are doing this and it's a modest prize for this initial contest. We are not expecting you to make a $5,000 3d video animation for cheap. We are looking for a low budget production that nevertheless leaves people thinking, "hey that's a cool video about Minecraft." ... I am thinking motion graphics and similar effects might get the job done but really I have no idea how to create this type of video, which is why I'm putting out this contest.

Please ask any questions so I can clarify the brief for all contestants! I am not going to lead people on and make you do a bunch of work for nothing. If I think your idea is not going to work I will let you know early on in the process as a courtesy because I think it is unfair to waste the time of creative artists. The final production should be a 30 second video, but your initial proposal can be just a few seconds to give the idea is fine. This contest is GUARANTEED, so I am committed to the contest there will be at least one winner and maybe multiple winners. It could be that it's just not possible to do this kind of video at this contest price, but I can't afford more right now. Let me know. Maybe it could be shorter in duration, or let me know a more realistic budget and at least I will have learned something about content production.

So how about it?! If you're up for this contest I would love to see your proposal and let's see where it goes ...

Thanks for reading, I'm a huge fan of video producers!

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“great job!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ zagglejobs, United States.

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    Check these samples and contact me if you like it:

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    What do you exactly want? A fan video is a too broad term. Can we make a music video? or anything we want to as long as it is 30 seconds?

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