Create an image for BlossyB - a dog drawing/illustration for my pet bandana business

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Hi there! I need an image for my little business selling dog bandanas. Please read the attached information sheet for everything you need, including examples of images I like, reference materials, what I'm using the image for and what formats I require. My Instagram page is and my Facebook page is and you are welcome to visit them to see what I'm trying to do.

I have used Freelancer many times before and consider myself to be easy to work with, helpful as a client and open to ideas. One of the requirements for this image is that it be made available in a format suitable for my Cricut Maker machine to cut from vinyl. If you don't know about SVG files or what is needed to make a good vinyl decal please feel free to ask me. I can also run any images you are working on through the machine and cut out a vinyl decal to show you how it looks if that helps your design process. I'm always happy to communicate as much as needed to get the right outcome so if you have any questions at all please ask! I always leave great feedback as well for the Freelancers I work with.

I do not approve of copying other people's work, which is why after discovering the image I was using was by an artist (not available free for commercial use as I was told) I decided to get my own image created. Please don't copy other people's work, including any entries that are made by other Freelancers. I have no problem with getting inspiration from the work of others, however I want my image to be an original design.

I must state again that you HAVE TO look at the information sheet attached before deciding to work on this image. It has everything you need to know on it.

I will post the final requirement here though as well; A dog illustration to act as part of the BlossyB logo (no words required). For using on websites, printing, cutting out vinyl decals and stickers. In two versions, with a bandana and without. And both of those in two versions, coloured/shaded and just an outline. I require an SVG and PNG of all 4.

Thank you for reading and I'm excited to see what you come up with! Erin.

NOTE: As per the request of a Freelancer I have uploaded some photos of Blossom (the inspiration of the name for BlossyB). None of them are fantastic photos but I hope you get the idea of what a cute, scruffy, adorable dog she was.

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  • barocorazon
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    hello, please do check on #23 thank you.

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  • rodcomics
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    Mr, interesting contest i Will work about please don't close de contest before, thanks for the opportunity, have a nice day

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  • MrsErinB
    Chủ cuộc thi
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    Of course! I will do that now. Thanks for your interest! Erin.

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  • devizahara
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    Hi, can you attach a photo reference of Blossom? (apart from PDF). thank you!

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