Create load planning form using Angular5 and Bootstrap

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Project Page: Load Planning
Page will display an array of dispatches, allow for filtering, updating, and deleting of dispatches, which can be modeled with fake data in a preloaded array for display purposes in completion of this contest. The requirements of the array elements (dispatches) are:
Dispatch {
Driver : String,
Dispatch Date : DateTime,
Truck : Int,
Trailer : Int,
Order Number : Int,
Customer : String,
Shipper: String,
Receiver: String,
Product: String,
Gallons/Tons: Decimal,
BOL: Int,
Load Instructions: Text/String,
Load Number/Release Number: Int,
Billing Information: String,
Dispatch Status : String
□ Display array of dispatches in rows
□ Have column to update a dispatch
o Clicking update will pop up a modal allowing for adjustment of dispatch properties and saving only when the user clicks save. See image for reference.
□ Have a column to delete a dispatch
o Modal to ask if they are sure (yes, no)
o If yes, delete dispatch, if no close modal with no action
□ New Dispatch is a button but is outside of scope of load planning page
□ Radio buttons on left: Filters dispatches based on Dispatch Status, default is All
□ Navigation: Dropdown menu when clicked and push section of “Dispatch Load Planning” accordingly. Once clicked again menu will hide again and return “Dispatch Load Planning” to as shown in image.
o Optional: Create dummy navigation menu
□ Top Right User menu: Load with dummy dropdown menu featuring settings and logout.
□ Filter based on values typed in search boxes of each column
□ Highlight rows based on Dispatch Status

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“Nunaram completed the scope of the contest and any changes quickly and accurately. He responds quickly and is willing to suggest methods to improve upon what was asked for in the scope. It was a pleasure working with him.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ njlowtone, United States.

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  • dixitvora2020
    • cách đây 10 tháng

    pls do reply so that we can think that our work is not in lost

    • cách đây 10 tháng
  • dixitvora2020
    • cách đây 10 tháng this is the video of the work that we have done and as there is some issue in uploading the work in here you can see it there

    • cách đây 10 tháng
  • dixitvora2020
    • cách đây 10 tháng

    we are working on it pls wait for our entry

    • cách đây 10 tháng
  • shopshoppy
    • cách đây 10 tháng

    working on it .plz wait for our entry.

    • cách đây 10 tháng
  • prasantabnrg4
    • cách đây 10 tháng

    You want us to develop a page similar to the one you attached or is that attachment just for understanding?

    • cách đây 10 tháng
    1. njlowtone
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 10 tháng

      The attachment is a rendering of exactly how we want it to look and the details elaborate on the functionality we desire. We would like a page developed to look as the attachment does. Also, we would like clicking update to bring up the modal on the right side, kind of as a drawer, as depicted on the right side of the attachment.

      • cách đây 10 tháng
  • Nunaram
    • cách đây 10 tháng

    Please checkout entry #1 or watch demo on Youtube -

    • cách đây 10 tháng

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