Create name tags in 3D (STL) with embossed text and special 3D textured background

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We restore ancient ironwork. I need 2 types of nametags that will be casted in bronze, "old style" to be attached to the entrance door and other items that we will restore.

First type : rectangular landscape, size +/- 70x40mm
Second type : portrait shape (see picture attached), size +/- 40 x 70mm exterior bounding box of nametag

There is some experimenting needed with different typos, it is needed that the text can be easily printed in 3D (embossed) and still be readible. It needs to be classy, I refer to our website [login to view URL] for reference. Attached you'll find :
- one document with the text that needs to come on each of the two nametags (in the black box)
- some pictures of nametags of original manufacturers of ironwork - these pictures serve as an example

Make sure the background is as on the bronze example attached.

I will need an STL for test printing prior to accepting the final project.

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“Followed up on my comments on the entries, and made a winning design. Thanks”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ mgkh, Belgium.

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  • nazmisevli
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    Please check for #20

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  • chom777
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    where to send STL files?

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  • mgkh
    Chủ cuộc thi
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    Many thanks for the entries so far, I am enthousiast !! I encourage to use the shape of the nametag that is painted black ("Lefevre") see picture on the original document for our portrait name tage. On this portrait tag, the text should come parallel to the shorter side of the shape. Try making the letters "higher" and keeping the width the same, that makes it even so much elegant. Elegance and classy is what our business is all about. For the landscape tag I prefer not to have too much empty space on the tage - i.e. the final size will depend on your typo and height of typo used.

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  • Archemind
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