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HOPELESS TALENT: A lifestyle athletic sports brand. Representing and inspiring hope, hard work and self belief to be who they are no matter what the f@ck  people say along the way!

It’s important for us to remember where we started. What we first felt like As kids when we were told to DREAM BIG. That feeling we felt when we first discovered outdoor sports at the public park with friends. The freedom it gave us. It was the simple things that made us to be happy.
Along our journey, everyday life starts to get a little more complicated. Responsibilities, School, work, stress… You know the deal!
We feel tired and crushed some days. We learn to get back up and apply the same principles we learned as kids in our everyday adult lives.
Stay focused on the talents we are given and those feelings we hold onto that excite us. HOPE is what keeps us believing and BETTING on ourselves.
We all have similar stories. Never forget where you come from!
We want everyone to feel this through our brand. We all go through this together.
Our sense of style is clean with a touch of edge. We strive to have the highest quality apparel and comfort with some attitude when needed. We love the idea of using Hope and self belief as our theme which is taken from feeling Hopeless at times. We like the idea of keeping the brand clean,  high end, while giving it the edge that it needs for the days we feel like shit and need that reminder of who we are and why we’re doing this.
“Your curios talents should always be explored.” -HOPELESS TALENT
Below are three descriptions with images  that describe and embody “HOPE”
You are free to use those as inspiration or if your creativity has other ideas that would be great for the brand… feel free.
Every brand has a good story behind their logo. It’s catchy as much as it is simplistic so it stands the test of time.
Important: we will be trademarking the logo so  incorporate the “TM” which we will use temporarily until the we officially have the logo registered and we will replace it.
May your creativity take you on a journey helping us create something perfect.
We look forward to seeing what y’all create.

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“Hey was a pleasure to work with, designs well, and communicates very well! A+ Freelancer! Thanks for the work!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ adamjbrandon, Canada.

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