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Looking for somebody to model some terrain in 3D and provide me with the OBJ file and some high resolution textures. It's meant to represent Mars. I'm guessing this would be best achieved in World Engine, Terragen or Mudbox or something. Doesn't really matter what you use. I considered buying World Engine to do this, but I find the whole nodes thing a bit intimidating! Hopefully this shouldn't take more than two or three hours though... but I'm no expert!

The attached image gives a really good idea of the kind of thing I'm looking for. A relatively flat and even valley in the centre with rocky terrain/mountains/rocks around the outside. Don't copy it, but just draw inspiration from the style of terrain. Can be open at one end, so I can place my camera there, but need the mountains to go round the other three edges, so I don't have any issues with having to fill in the horizon etc. As for the colours, the attached image is about right... maybe the sand could be a tiny bit closer to the colour of the rocks, but I can always colour correct the textures to get it redder if needs be.

The rocks in the image are very detailed. Doesn't need to be quite as detailed as that, but definitely heading in that direction when it comes to quality/detail. Happy for you to revise/re-purpose any existing models you might have to save time, but I need to have full ownership/copyright as I'll be adding this to my library of assets to use when creating stock footage and VFX shots.

Need the textures in 8K. The poly count of the model isn't that important, but try and keep it under 1M polygons and nothing too low poly, so over 50K. Depends on the terrain, but I guess 250K would be ideal. I may end up buying more than one tile if the results are looking good (at twice the price), but we'll see how we get on with one. If I do go for more than one, then it would be great if the two tiles would line up.

Submit a JPG render of the terrain for your entry (showing the full tile - other views are optional) , but the final deliverable will be one OBJ model with 8K textures: diffuse, specular and normals.

I think that covers everything, but give me a shout if you have any questions.


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“Really great work... just what I was looking for. Thanks!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ StencilMedia, United Kingdom.

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    please check my entry

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    Sorry, have attached the image now.

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    and the amount is very low for this project

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    please attach image

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