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We are looking for talented and creative individuals to create paid tours on our app, Whether you're an experienced tour guide or a normal local, we welcome anyone to create tours.

How to make tours:

Our app now features "Autofill with AI" and allows guides to set the price of their tours, making it easier than ever to create and monetise your tours. As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to earn payment for each explorer who goes on your tour, even if you don't win our competition.

Your tour should be valuable, informative, and engaging for explorers (Our Chat GPT helps a lot).

Don't worry if you're new to creating tours - our app makes it easy to create a walkable tour that explorers will love.

Please note that tours submitted in previous competitions cannot be used for this contest and will be rejected.

The freelancer with the most approved tours will be the winner of the competition. To participate, follow these simple steps:
1. Sign up:
2. Create a tour:
3. Meet our guidelines: unique connection to guide, unique value, and feasible (walkable)
4. Publish your experience
5. Take a screenshot of your tour and upload it to Freelancer. (Make sure to upload a screenshot for each tour see attached for example)

Here are some resources that may be helpful to you:
Text to voice:


Tour Guidelines:

How to increase the value of your tour on FreeGuides:

How to increase the feasibility of your tour on FreeGuides:

How to increase the personality of your tour on FreeGuides:

Here are some examples of good tours:

Vatican City - the world’s smallest country

POMPEI, 4-hour walking tour through time

Bondi to Coogee

Discover Tech Central with UTS Startups

UTS campus walking tour

Nicosia Cultural Walk - Part I

Food Tour in Athens

Musical walk through Vienna's city center

We encourage you to download the app and check out our video explainer, blog, and FAQs

With the potential to earn money for each explorer who goes on your tour and the ease of creating a tour using our app, there's no reason not to apply. So what are you waiting for? got to , check out our resources, and start creating the most approved paid tours on FreeGuides today!

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“Meera was incredible their creativity and commitment was amazing we have already started working together again. I'm excited for the future. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ daniswas, Australia.

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    Submissions need to be like "scrnli_20_03_2023_14-43-58.png"

    needs to be on dashboard and rectangle showing to the tour that has been approved

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