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3d cartoon bull head .

Hello sir , This is my entry, at first I would love to thank you for this project . Here's what I did: * Before I start working, I looked at many different styles. * I have collected references (realistic and cartoon) * I liked not to deviate too much from the realm. As you can see, I have preserved as much as possible the anatomy of the bull , With some cartoonish touches . * I put your company logo on the hat, I liked to design this type of hats, because it is specific to this class of animals, knowing that it is intended for humans, and this is the fun part of the design. * I made a movement before the final render, to give the character life, and also to distance from the symmetric , but I kept the original pose of the character, in case you wanted to put bones for the face and move it . If you want any modification (colors, details, change something ... etc) I am ready for , just let me know . In the end, I hope you like the work, sir. Thank you so much Sal

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                                     cho                                         3d cartoon design of my logo
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