2d floor plan desing and 3d interior desigb and render.

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We are an accounting firm and we have the attached office under construction. This is a flat office of 172s.m. of second floor and appr. 2,70 height.
We are looking for ideas in order to start building on September. What we need and want:
Two offices for us (we are 2 brothers) on the front side (the side with the glass windows) at least 15.s.m per office - we want to be separate and at the same time communicate.
One meeting room at least 15 s.m. (the table we have is 1.8*0,90 plus the chairs)
6 working stations - 2 of them close to our offices (secretaries) and 4 of them at the other side (probably together)
One more separate woking station for one person (his office is 190*,09 plus a corner 0,9*0,4)
One room (closed) for archives at least 10 s.m.
Two WC (now there are 4), two of them we need a small warehouse (probably the two central wc)
A waiting room afte you enter the office (at least 15s.m.) (we need a 3person sofa and one armchair)
There is an open cousin on the draft which is now 1,20 on the wall.
We want the whole office to be separated (pobably with a glass and glass door) at the right of the door (this is for heat reasons).
Also we want to hide (someway) the four doors and the cousin that now exist (probably by a building a wall in front of them and by creating a corridor there (only idea).

The ceiling is visible concrete (we ae going to share photos with you) and we want to give an industrial perspective to our office (we've seen of printerest some ideas that we can share)

We need 2d floor plan. And 3d desing and render.


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