DankDrop Cannables Brand Guide Development

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Brand Overview: DankDrop aims to become a leading name in cannabis delivery across South African cities, known for its professionalism, efficiency, and high-quality products. The vision is to facilitate easy and efficient ordering with swift delivery, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Purpose of the Brand Guide: This document will serve as the authoritative guide for all DankDrop branding efforts. It will ensure consistency and cohesiveness across all platforms and media, reflecting the brand’s sophisticated and professional image.

1. Logo Usage

Standard Logo: High-resolution image of the existing logo must be included.
Alternate Logos: Show any alternative logo versions and specify appropriate use scenarios.
Size Specifications: Define minimum and maximum size constraints.
Exclusion Zone: Outline required clear space around the logo.
Incorrect Usage: Provide examples of improper logo treatments.

2. Color Palette

Primary Colors: Black, white, and green (include Pantone, CMYK, RGB, and Hex codes for each).
Secondary Colors: Guidelines for any additional colors used.
Usage Guidelines: Detailed instructions on how to use the color palette on various media.

3. Typography

Primary Typeface: Details for a modern, sophisticated primary typeface for use in headings and titles.
Secondary Typeface: Specifications for body text and secondary headings.
Web-Safe Fonts: Include alternatives for online use.
Usage Guidelines: Specify font sizes, spacing, and appropriate use cases.

4. Business Card Design

Layout: Standard dimensions and layout must be defined.
Content: Information to be included.
Design Elements: Application of logo, typeface, and colors.

5. Email Signature

Layout: Standard design and structure.
Content: Required details to be included.
Design Elements: Usage of logos, fonts, and colors.

6. Social Media Ads

Templates: Create templates for major platforms (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Google AdWords).
Text: Guidelines for typography in ad copy.
Logo Placement: Defined rules for logo incorporation.

7. Company Letterhead

Specifications: Layout for both header and footer.
Design Elements: Consistent use of logo, typeface, and colors.

8. Marketing Materials

General Requirements: Guidelines for flyers, posters, digital ads, and other promotional materials.
Design Templates: Basic design templates for each type of marketing material.

9. Compliance

Imagery and Icons: Avoid explicit cannabis imagery; opt for symbolic and emblematic designs.
Regulatory Notes: Ensure all branding adheres to local regulations concerning cannabis marketing.

10. File Formats and Deliverables

Required Formats: AI, PSD for editable files; PDF for completed guides.
Mockups: Example applications in real-world scenarios.

Submission Instructions:

Designers should submit initial concepts based on these guidelines.
Include a brief explanation of the design rationale, particularly how it aligns with DankDrop’s sophisticated and professional brand image.

Evaluation Criteria:

Adherence to the brand vision and identity guidelines.
Creativity and originality in design execution.
Practical applicability across different formats and platforms.
Professionalism and completeness of the submission.

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    i will be rejecting all contest submissions that are only business cards within the next 24 hours unless you provide a sample brand guide aswell

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    Please see attached 2 x brand guide references

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