Design a Flyer For Starting a business as Out of School Hours Carer (OSHC) - babysitter

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I will propose to local families (clients) a private OSHC for up to 7 kids age 6-11.


I need a first, simpler version by tomorrow ( 8-9 AM, Australian Central Daylight Time) to bring to a B-day party. I know, it's a bit late but my schedule is crazy.

A more refined version of the flyer to be produced during the next week.

The format I am not sure, I’ll leave it to you. I will print it ( max A4) from home in B/W for tomorrow. An A4 to fold in 4 may be good?

Then during the next week we can go with something fancier and, more importantly , coloured , to be printed in a copy shop.


*** WHO AM I?

Middle/sec school science/biology/nutrition teacher with 10+ yrs experience
Moved to Aus in Dec 2015 from the Italian Alps on the Italian-French border.
French-Italian bilingual, plus English
I live nearby the primary school and all families in the neighbourhood use either the primary school OSHC (which is not much liked) or babysitters.
I have all the necessaty checks and certificates:
National Police Check
Child-related employment screening
RAN certificate,
First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Certificate

Swimming instructor at Adelaide Aquatic Center - Marion and North Adelaide
Private Nutritionist

school services officer (SSO) of Italian @ Adelaide Private School July-November 2106
Biology and Sci Teacher for 10+ years in Italy.

I am going to propose a particular OSHC package that includes:

Number of Participants:
my 3 kids (that attend Belair PS) + other 4/5 kids, age 6-11

regular sport activities, like tennis, soccer, etc
daily trips to parks and playgrounds
a 1-hour daily homework and/or maths and science strengthening (much needed here in Aus!)
regular science experiments fun
cooking lessons - Italian and French cooking!
1 day (friday probably) dinner dish/dessert preparation to bring back x family

MORE INFO or a selection of them to be discussed after the first draft....

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“I posted a contest x a flyer and requested to have a first B/W version by the next morning, which he did. Great performance! Then he kept modifying the flyer till completion. He even created a new word front for it. Impressed. Would definitely hire again for design stuff. Well done mate!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ lbprevot, Italy.

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