Design a Flyer 1/2 Page in size with Coupons for Pizza Shop

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I want a half page (2 to fit on one page in portrait orientation on letter paper 8.5x11)

I need an IGA plus logo small at the top, with the address 4905 State Route 125, Georgetown, OH (937) 378-1600
Then add in the Maka Mia Logo into the top of the ad somehow. Use the entire portion to advertise for the Brand.
Have an impact 3d small graphic that says Fresh Dough
Include "Call Your Order In!"

Include the logo and pictures of our pizza from the files that I send you. You will have to photoshop out the background of some of the images of our pizza to make it work and look good.

The 4 coupons I want to be included on the bottom are as follows

Coupon 1

1 - 16" Extra Large 3 Topping Pizza
1 12” Medium Breadsticks with Cheese

Coupon 2

14" Large Pepperoni Pizza $5.95

Coupon 3
Family Pizza Night
2 - 14" Large 2 topping Pizzas
1 - 12” Medium Breadsticks with Cheese
1 - 2 liter of Coke

Coupon 4
Pizza Lover’s Deal
3 - Medium 1 Topping Pizza’s

Put an expiration date on the coupons of 5/31/2015

I need this really knocked out of the park. This is a store that is hurting for business and we need to really design up a good draw from this.

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