Design a handful of eye popping, colorful and fun icons for an app

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I'd like to have flat ios icons (the new ios 7+ style icons) for an app I'm developing. The app is for todo manager plus good habit making app. The icons should have a rounded square background. Feel free to give different color background for each one that would enhance the image within. The icons list is below. I've attached a sample illustrator file which has good colors and themes that I like. Feel free to use those colors or use others. The EPS file I've provided has very simple drawings. feel free to make it more complex/fun and colorful. I'm looking for nice colors to make it pop. Also the EPS file has circular background but I'd like to have a rounded square so please make a note of that. I'm only provided the EPS file to give you an idea of the colors and style I like. I'm looking for a good color set for all these items so that they look nice together as these squares will be tiled on the of the pages I have in my app. They are ultimately going to be buttons that the user can click on to go deep in to that category.

I'm updating this to show what I like so the proposals are better. Also some descriptions for the items I'd like.

1. Family: No stick figures. I'd like more color and faces if possible for this
2. Food: Something easy to recognize I don't think this one should be that are to depict. It should not be depicting fast food related stuff.
3. Exercise/Sports: I'm open for this one. Don't have any good ideas but I'm sure you can google it and find some good concepts to draw.
4. Health: Same as #3.
5. Work: Same as #3
6. Personal Projects: This is supposed to be any projects a person is personally tracking may be a checklist of some sort
7. Hobbies: Same as #3
8. House: This is supposed to be for maintaining House activities like cleaning windows or repairing doors ... things like that
9. Sleep: This should be a simple face that is sleep. I don't want a bed for this one.
10. Entertainment: Don't like the theater masks for this one with the happy and sad face. If you can find a different concept that would awesome
11. Habits: This should be a loop or an infinity sign but please put your own twist on it. That's usually what symbol you see for habits.
12. Learning: Same as #3
13. Procrastination: Same as #3

All icons should be vector graphics in illustrator format.

The winner of this context will also be likely to get additional work for my app through

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“ I really enjoyed working with gwjardim. She was very quick to respond and had lots of great ideas. Very professional and also very willing to work with me to figure out the best final design.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ artangco, United States.

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  • dogiavn88
    • 3 years ago

    could you #sealed the contest please.

    • 3 years ago
    1. dogiavn88
      • 3 years ago

      Hi @AvertFord, 14 icons and original requirement is really cost us time and efford to do it best for holder, right? I just want to show Mr.Artangco some sample, if he likes it then we can work together, and help another freelancers can focus on another interesting project. Why dont you give mr.artango some samples, we're all have chance ;D

      • 3 years ago
    2. artangco
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • 3 years ago

      Yes. One rounded square with an image in it depicting the word in the list for each item in the list. So one square and image for Sleep. One square and image for Health etc. I'll put them like tiles in my app. It is very similar to a iphone spring board which is how the app icons are in an iphone but this will be in a page within my app with the titles I've mentioned.

      • 3 years ago

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