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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Design a new logo for a Not For Profit Disability Services Organisation called "Interchange Shoalhaven"

We provide Direct Support (Community Access, Community Inclusion, Respite Services, etc) to people with a disability.

Our ideas:
A lighthouse as an image ("assisting to navigate the way forward")
Perhaps having the lighthouse as the "I" of Interchange
Lighthouse & symbolism Image - attached
Concept - is the “i” is a person the “s” is a wheelchair. The circle of the “i” could be represent the persons head and also a sun and if wanted a rainbow or wave could be put over the top - Draft Image attached

Feelings to convey:
Person-centered thinking and the philosophy behind service provision that supports positive control and self-direction of people’s own lives.
Supporting people to achieve their life goals
Caring for people
The tree of knowledge
Interchange branching out with innovation and change
New direction new pathways Interchange, leading the way with change
A lighthouse means strength, stability, solidness, light shines the way, stability, reliability, navigation, guidance, welcome.
Lighthouses have also been used to represent the determination to achieve goals not matter the challenges.
A lighthouse can symbolize various things, such as overcoming challenges and adversity or guidance. it is mostly commonly used to symbolize a way forward and help navigate through the world.

Bright and colourful
blue & green at the base of the image (lighthouse)
Colour Green - Balance, Harmony, rejuvenating, nurturing, dependable, agreeable, diplomatic. Hope, reliable, calm, emotionally balanced, compassionate adaptable, high moral sense.
Jade Green - trust, confidentiality, tact, diplomacy, generosity of spirit.
It could be beneficial to add a small amount of red to indicate passion and energy for our business.
Koori colours (Black – represents the Aboriginal people of Australia / Yellow circle – represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector / Red – represents the red earth, the red ochre used in ceremonies and Aboriginal peoples’ spiritual relation to the land) could possibly be incorporated somewhere in the design but not the whole design
Torres strait islander flag colours (The green panels at the top and the bottom of the flag symbolise the land, while the blue panel in the centre represents the waters of the Torres Strait. The thin black stripes between the green and blue panels signify the Torres Strait Islanders themselves. The white five-pointed star at the centre of the flag represents the five major island groups, and the white dhari (dancer's headdress) around it also symbolises the Torres Strait Islands people. White symbolises peace, while the star is a symbol for navigation.) could possibly be incorporated somewhere in the design but not the whole design

Open (inline with rest of brief)

Where will our logo will be used (and what might we want to use it on in the future):
Products and equipment
Business cards
Email signatures

Who is our target market:
People with disabilities and their carers

Some other images we like are attached

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“Great Job. Excellent communication, highly recommend. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Luquinity, Australia.

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  • marcusodolescu
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Please check #84 . Thank you.

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  • leduy87qn
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Dear sir, pls check entry # 80, thanks

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  • kyriene
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    Check #75 Thank you

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  • Kingsk144
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Sir, please check #46 and #47. I hope you like it. Do you any change please tell me.

    • cách đây 2 năm
  • Luquinity
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Please note that if your design is completely different to the brief provided (and looks like you have not read it) it will be rejected

    • cách đây 2 năm
  • sunlititltd
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Please Check : #25 #26 #27 #28

    • cách đây 2 năm
  • andryod
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Need feedback, thanks

    • cách đây 2 năm
    1. Luquinity
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 2 năm

      Very close to what we are looking for. Will get back to you when I get client feedback.

      • cách đây 2 năm
    2. andryod
      • cách đây 2 năm


      • cách đây 2 năm
  • srijanshakya
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    Sir please check #2 thanks

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  • vallabhvinerkar
    • cách đây 2 năm

    Hello CH
    Please check #1 and give your valuable feedback/suggestions to improve....

    • cách đây 2 năm
  • chyonislam
    • cách đây 2 năm

    #sealed please

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