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Hi people,

We're starting a new hosting service with a different concept. The big difference is "you don't need to know about technology, only about your business". With it, the client doesn't have a control panel to manage e-mail, servers configurations, etc etc etc. Just send a message of chat with the support and we do all technical tasks.

Our target are users and companies that don't know (and don't like to know) about technology. People looking for a real customer care talking the same "ordinary" language without technical terms, obscure informations and where the website just work, nothing less.

The brand is "Hostcare" and the slogan is "Não hospedamos, cuidamos" (in English: We don't host, we take care"). The idea behind is: "we're different because we really take care of your website, like ours".

The contest: a logo to use in our website, newsletters, twitter, facebook page, t-shirts, caps, mugs, etc., fitting dark and/or clear backgrounds. The logo need to have the brand name "Hostcare" and the slogan (in Portuguese) "Não hospedamos, cuidamos" and we need the opportunity to use with the brand+slogan or alone (just the graphic part) like a favicon, a botton, etc. Also, the logo need to have a black/white version (we can do this here).

We need to trademark the logo, so please, original vector designs.


- We prefer a logo with horizontal orientation but vertical or square orientations are also evaluated;

- The art need to give us the opportunity to use the logo+name+slogan, logo+name and just the logo (we don't think to use the slogan alone).

- Colors: something like Deep Blue, Charcoal Grey, Foliage Greens, etc. A combination of two colors is fine.

- Don't use a private or copyrighted icon or image. If you use an icon, you need to provide us the link of the original file, to check the license of use;

- Don't use "strange" fonts, private or copyrighted. If you intent to use a different font off the "normal" (Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, etc), you need to provide us the link of the original .ttf file to check the license of use;

- Don't create a rainbow logo, a shining logo or a logo with fireworks. We support the sexual diversity (including encourage it) but we don't expect to use a full set of colors in our logo or George Lucas' special effects. Clean is the target.

- Don't create a "funny logo". We looking for a mascot in other contest. The logo need to be strong, powerful and giving the image and idea of solid service (we have more of 20 years of experience in this field).

Finally, we really love simplicity. The life is hard and we trying to make something easy to use for our clients. So, do the same.

We need to receive the logo from the winner in a .psd layered file. The logo need to support scale from 100px to 1500px (minimum).

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“A great designer with fresh ideas. He made all changes that I need fast. Highly recommended.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ pmichelazzosl, Malta.

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