Design a Logo for a newish Vehicle Performance Optimisation Technology firm

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Hi Freelancers,

I would like a new logo for my company.

You can see the logo that I was initially going to use by visiting a test site at [login to view URL]

The new logo will be used for our new website. The website colours will be based on whatever design you come up with for the logo, so please bear in mind that the logo must be designed using ultra-modern web colours and concepts. I will be using the Twitter Bootstrap framework to develop the new Wordpress site. in a similar layout to the test site.

However, I don't really want to use the new logo in the slider area - Instead, I would like the new logo to fit into the left hand end of the top Navbar on a site similar in layout to the my old dev site seen at [login to view URL]

The logo will also be used in print material and on clothing and also be made into a manufactured vehicle branding badge that we will occasionally put onto vehicles that we customise for one off special projects.

1. I originally like the logo on the test site, but after having studied it for ages, I feel it is way outdated.
2. I want the new logo to be very sophisticated, ultra-modern / contemporary, but still appealing to different generations of customers.
3. My customers range from kids in late teens up to grandparents. Customers are mostly male. They are usually tech aware, educated and do a lot of research. First impressions are very important to them.
4. They are specifically looking for my genre of products which are software products installed into vehicles of all types from cars to trucks.
5. The software makes the vehicle more powerful (extra BHP), more torquey (extra NM), and often more fuel efficient (extra MPG).
6. The customers may want just extra power and torque for a pure performance increase of their vehicle OR they may want to save fuel OR they may want a blend of both.
7. I would like the logo to be clear and precise and recognisable at all sizes big and small
8. I would like you to supply the logo in all formats, including PNG, JPG, GIF, Fireworks editable PNG, Photoshop editable and also in various sizes and resolutions for use on the web, in print and on clothing (including embroidered onto garments).
9. I am NOT emotionally attached to the colours of the current logo / dev site. You can create the logo using more modern colours if you think appropriate. As long as they render well on the web and MUST have a feeling of trustworthiness, quality, and leading edge technology, NOT tacky and cheap.
10. If you Google "ECU Remapping" you will see my competition. You will see the crap quality websites and logos that are prevalent in my industry, even from the big players. I want my logo and colour scheme to be head and shoulders better than the mediocre design of my competition.
11. If possible I would like you to incorporate some sort of stylised archer or bow or arrow or combination of them into the logo.
12. My current live website is at [login to view URL] - I do not like it, it is amateurish and well out of date, but you can look at it to get some idea of what products I do.
13. Just to recap, I really want a logo that is sleek, very modern, possibly quite minimalist but with some stylisation. Using leading edge web colours and design concepts.
14. Thanks!

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“I was very demanding and asked for lots of revisions and Emanuella made all the changes I asked for. The logo she created was perfect and I would recommend her to anyone needing an excellent graphic designer. First class Freelancer! Thanks very much. ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Paulo33, United Kingdom.

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