Design a Logo for a Ski Racing club

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Design a logo for our ski club - Essex Ski Racing Club. The logo should be delivered in two parts, which can be used separately and together. The two elements will be:
• Club name graphic "Essex Ski Racing Club"
• A graphic logo

We need a logo that can be used on:
• Website
• A5 flyers
• Windscreen stickers
• Letter head
• A3 poster
• 1m x 2.5m advertising banner
• Clothing (e.g. hoody, soft shell jacket and 't'-shirt)

We are looking for something modern and eye catching. Something that reflects the fact that we are a ski RACING club, rather than a recreational ski club. Numbers of colours should be limited (to around a maximum of 6 colour), to enable digital embroidery onto club clothing.

The work should be your own original work — no cut and pasting from images on the web please. The logo should be delivered in vector format. We will require the original vector files and copies converted to Adobe Illustrator (.ai), .eps and .svg formats. Please also provide high resolution raster conversions (TIFF and png).

Please see the attached briefing document further information on images and themes for the logo.

UPDATE - 23/02/2014 08:00 (GMT)
I'm not really keen on clip-art type images of skiers. I'm looking for a more modern, abstract / stylised design. If the design were to feature an image of a skier, it would need to look like a modern skier, rather than a dated image of ski-racer from decades ago / a recreational skier. And it would need to be more abstract than a simple silhouette of a skier.

UPDATE - 23/02/2014 16:25 (GMT)
Based upon some of the entries so far, I have concluded that:
- I prefer to see "Essex" and "Ski Racing Club" to be given the same level of prominence. So rather than the word "Essex" on top with "Ski Racing Club" beneath, the name should be "Essex Ski Racing Club" all on the same level.
- I don't like seeing the words in all capital letters, so "ESSEX SKI RACING CLUB" isn't going to work for me. It would need to be "Essex Ski Racing Club" in Title Case, or even "essex ski racing club" in all lower case.
- I don't think I want the "ESRC" acronym to feature as part of the logo. It's not a great sounding / looking acronym, and the club isn't known as ESRC.
- I'm looking for club name written in a modern contemporary font, plus a graphic logo with an abstract design. Please see suggested themes in the briefing document - e.g. The Essex flag, the double "SS" in Essex and the similarity with ski tracks, trees (and skiing round trees), ski racer images (but not cut and pasted clip-art imaged), etc.

UPDATE - 23/02/2014 18:00 (GMT)
Updated the briefing document. Please see LogoBrief v0.3.docx. Please ignore v0.2

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Bảng thông báo công khai

  • anahigrenik
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Hello! When do you think you´ll be anouncing the winner? Meanwhile, could you give us some feedback? Thanks!

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • KaylaH07
    • cách đây 10 năm

    If you like some parts of my design's I am happy to change/mix those with my other logo's.

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • lovelyanns
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Any good news about #62 ? Some comments please!

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • IAN255
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Please check and rate #50 thanks!

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • kojigomez10
    • cách đây 10 năm

    feedback to my logo pls thank you

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • ksa5majid
    • cách đây 10 năm

    sir check my entry #36

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • estela51
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Change font that better?

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • manuel0827
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Is this for ski snow or jet ski

    • cách đây 10 năm
    1. TimEssex
      Chủ cuộc thi
      • cách đây 10 năm

      Hi Manuel0827, Thanks very much for the interest in my competition. Yes it is a snow skiing club. Please see the attached briefing document with more info on suggested themes.

      • cách đây 10 năm
    2. manuel0827
      • cách đây 10 năm

      I am sorry I had submitted a logo for jet ski I could not open the attached file, so I assumed it was jet ski but I have withdrawn design since it has nothing to with your company.. oopps lol sorry

      • cách đây 10 năm
  • manuel0827
    • cách đây 10 năm

    I made have made the wrong logo tought of jet ski as racing but not as snow ski as racing thats why #4

    • cách đây 10 năm

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