Design a Logo for EN-Able Equity Funding Solutions (Pty) Ltd

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Hi All,
I need a logo for a cash loan advance company, dealing mainly with advancing the proceeds of the equity achieved when a seller sells his home and wants the proceeds faster in order to (more than likely purchase another home).
In other words (as an example) A Person sells their house for $150 000 but only has a mortgage of $50 000. There is equity in the existing house of $100 000. I will help people access this equity faster via a loan from my Company. This helps people in my country to help pay advance municipal taxes, electrical and plumbing certification, legal fees and other ancillary moving costs etc.

The name of the trading entity will be: EN-Able Equity Funding Solutions (Pty) Ltd
The Tag line (or pay off line) is :Your equity proceeds made easy!

I thought of a small house and the image becoming bigger or "moving" to a bigger house...? But I am happy to look at anything which is relevant to the business. I do not want money bills or paper notes etc.

The name of the company does not need to be incorporated into the logo

I want simple, clean, Red and (Navy) Blue with white primarily (I quite like the colours and fonts attached)
Many thanks John Savage

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