Design a Logo for EnableBase

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Hello Contest Applicants,

I would like to first provide you some background information about the business / service that this logo(s) will be used for, the company is called EnableBase, LLC and the service is just EnableBase™

The meaning behind “EnableBase™” is:
The word Enable means to give the person the ability to start their independence journey.
The word Base means a starting point for a person to start their independence.

The name “EnableBase™” should be treated as ONE word NOT two like Enable Base therefore using the letters EB or E B or any mix is NOT allowed and will not be accepted no matter how good the design.

Our tagline / slogan is "Empowering Independence one search at a time!"

The business’ purpose is to provide a clearinghouse for disability related information.

The meaning of "clearinghouse" means:
That we will collect store old and new information that is related to disabilities and present in a user friendly way this information that is from both online and offline, similar to what Google does, however we will be focusing on Disability information such as Blind, Deaf, wheelchair, learning disabilities, broken leg or arm and many more. We will put stuff such as entities (government agencies, non-profit, for-profit) services like interpreters for the Deaf, Braille items, and the list goes on; the person using the site will be able to search through our system to gather this information easily and fast.

We would like two logos one that uses the name "EnableBase" and one without the name, both design must have the same design concept and be able to stand alone without each other.

We are looking for it to be more iconic than using simple letters, for example can take a letter and turn it into a object to represent what we are about. Feel free to be create and not boring but keeping it professional but friendly. Remember it should show Empowering and Independence.

The logo needs to show the meanings of "Empowering" and "Independence".

* The first is going to be used in items that require a square / circle shape for things like Linkedin, Freelancer profile area for company, Google+, Facebook, twitter and etc.
* The second is going to be used for other things like print, website etc (the shape is like Google’s homepage logo)

The colors should be in blues and grays.

IF there is any question please ask, I will do my best to update this post with the answer.

Also the editable files that were used to create the logos should be provided at the end of the competition and as well as the files used for the different social media networks are to be provided.

Thank you and look forward to your creativity you bring to this competition!
EnableBase™ Team!

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“Hi am pleased with his work I would re-hiring him if I needed, he did his best to please me as the client and if need future adjustment like size or notice something is not right he will be more than happy to fix the issue or do a resize. I would recommend hiring him.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ inReachServices, United States.

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