Design a Logo for Financial Literacy Business Named: Wealthy Majority

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Hey Friend,

I'm Bre. From the city of Detroit, MI where many people are struggling for financial solutions and business development coaching. This is where my company comes in.

I am creating a financial literacy and business consulting company that will become a financial education powerhouse to help educate, empower and supply the tools, strategy, and tangible solutions to help build a wealthy mindset and generational legacy as a result.

I live in service to my family and my community, and building this financial literacy business that will advocate in the power of good money habits, credit repair and credit building, business development and money coaching all leading to Generational wealth planning, investing, real estate and so much more around financial literacy and business investing.

The name of My company name is: WEALTHY MAJORITY (caps not required)
We value financial freedom, equality, clarity, & tangible solutions for life changing results.

The emotions that I would like to provoke in the Wealthy Majority business Logo is:

I am open to all colors schemes that can represent the above brand identity & emotions,
but the color palettes that I am leaning more towards for this brand are below:

1.) Blue (i like cobalt blue, but open to others blues)
2.) Golden Yellow/Mustard
3.) Black
4.) White

Yet, feel free to have fun with explore other colors schemes.
If I could chose a color percentage based on the 60-30-10 design rule, I would assume and lean more towards:

(60-black)-(30yellow-golden) (10% blue/white)
(60- blue)-(30%black/white) (10% golden yellow)
But you are the expert, so have fun with designing, (just trying to provide enough detail to work with)

I'm interested in a logo that really pops and has key features that will stand out as a
solid eye catching logo Yet I also like really clean wordmark designs as well that could easily go over a simple t-shirt too.

The logo style doesn't matter,
but I am drawn to:

The emblem
Wordmarks (or logotypes)
Monogram logos (or lettermarks)
or a combination mark

I do NOT think the Pictorial marks (or logo symbols) or Mascots style logos will work for this brand, but surprise me if you have ideas.

I want to be able to use one design for both a sophisticated for a storefront branding sign,
but also cool enough to be used on a t-shirt and other (Wealthy x Majority) apparel clothing, lounge wear, and joggers too that could be worn as streetwear everyday. (i hope this makes sense)

FYI, this is two busines ideas using the same logo, yet representing different segments of one underlying brand identify.

I'm excited to see what you come up with. I am close by for any questions or concerns!
Happy Designing,

Thanks in advance

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“Thanks so much for all of your help!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ wealthymajority, United States.

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