Design a Logo for Hollibone (Funerals)

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Project requirements:
• Design a logo to fit all of the brand and design requirements listed below.
• Design a logo for each of the three (3) company names / brand versions below:
1. SA Hollibone
2. Hollibone
3. Hollibone Funerals
• Consider all variations of design for the three logos names above. Each design must incorporate the names. Symbols and graphic treatments can also be included if it suits the design.
• Produce a the following versions for the final logo selected:
1. Full colour
2. Black and white

• The chosen logo must be just as strong as a mono (black and white) logo as it will appear frequently in this format.
• The design should reproduce well in a small scale (i.e. newspaper classified). The logo will be featured daily in the classified section.
• Provide all files types: JPEG, TIFF, PDF, EPS, BMP (bitmap), AI (illustrator), PSD, GIF and PNG.
• For the final design the Pantone and CMYK colours will need to be specified as well as any fonts.

The design must include the following elements
• The name:
1. SA Hollibone
2. Hollibone
3. Hollibone Funerals
• The logo’s new colour pallet should be made up of 2-3 shades of blue, and navy should be one of them. If the design call for it there can be additional accent colour included – for example grey.
• The blue shades chosen should be conservative and calming.
• The design should be clean and crisp, but show softness.
• The logo will need to achieve maximum cut through in a cluttered, classified news environment.

The design should address or include the following criteria to communicate the brand messages:
• Premium, high-end funeral directors
• Synonymous with 5-star service (think about brands like Etihad and Emirates and the type of service they are renowned for).
• An organisation that is progressive, yet still have a ‘timeless’ appeal.
• The brand must be gender neutral
• Their should be no reference to any particular denomination or faith
• Do not use any cliché design or icons like birds, doves or flowers
• The design cannot feature an eternal flame
• A monogram style logo will be considered – but probably not favoured
• The logos should in no way give the appearance of ‘grandpa’s business’.

The new logo and subsequent branding should evoke thoughts of:
• Family
• Support
• Care
• Reliability and attention to detail
• Stress-free, simple
• Celebration of life, love and memories
• Respect
• Dignity

Further background information, history and existing logo is attached in the supporting brief.

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