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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

IMPORTANT - Feel free to ask anything you need !


Contest Brief

Design a brand logo for a student project which consists on forex trading strategies development which hopefully will become a fully developed hedge fund in the future.

The designed logo must include app icons to allow for seamless transition through all platforms. The logo must contain the phrase IDEASFOREX and we prefer you use CAPITAL LETTERS, the website will be [login to view URL]; Main colors should be blue, white and black. Winning designs MUST include vector files.

Creating a successful brand ISOTYPE/SYMBOL with the logo is required, try to design out of the word “ideasfx” together with some candlesticks or a line chart reflecting a bullish or “profiting” trend OR SOMETHING OUT OF THE BOX CREATIVE! We also like the idea of using any original designs, so if you are able to successfully create a good one in an isotype/symbol, rest assured we will be interested. We wouldn't mind maybe bringing it ALIVE in the future. Use your ingenious imagination...

NOTE: This Isotype/symbol will be used as a WATERMARK on EVERY PRESENTATION on our website and WORLDWIDE to represent IdeasFOREX. When someone sees it they should know it means IdeasFOREX. So be smart and plan accordingly.

For the moment, we don’t have a tagline. Once we get it, the winner of this contest will be given the exclusivity of a new project to develop a new logo using the tagline (there is no specific date for such project at this moment).
This logo design must be custom created from scratch with and PLEASE, NO EXTERNAL CLIP-ART GRAPHICS.

The most creative entry will be awarded the prize. IF MORE THAN ONE IS CHOSEN, then each will get the same total prize amount.

DO's and DON'Ts

DO use Blue, Black and White colors in the logo text
DO make the logo based on the Seriousness, Solid and Strategy elements, make it our brand - brand it!
DO use the hexagons for the isotype/symbol/graphic design.
DO create a timeless logo that can withstand the ages.
Do invent a brand, a signature and bring it to life!

DON'T use Green, Orange, light blue or yellow letters in the title.
DON'T use CLIPART or borrow graphics from anywhere.
DON'T use OLD or RETRO elements.
DON'T use real photographs of extra elements.

Need be able to be used on:

Business Cards
Huge Banners
Mobile Icon Compatible
Facebook/Twitter Ready

Hopefully the small prize will lure you to share your genius in design and give you the prestige of knowing that you designed the WINNING logo for a soon to be BILLION dollar company. That's when your life changes, all for a mere contest. Don't pass us up, the winner will also be in close contact with us for future projects with our growing company.

NOTE: Current website will be COMPLETELY redesigned within a month so please DO NOT make logo according to it.


* We will not give one star, you work too hard and your designs do not deserve one star.

** We are not interested in this design concept.

*** We do not like isotype design concept, but like something else in the logo, like font or shape, etc...

**** We really like the isotype and font and would love to see other variations of the same design.

***** A compete design in consideration for the top prize. (NOTE: All complete designs being considered will have 5 stars)

If we see an ingenious design we will STOP this contest and award immediately.

Thank you for your time and GOOD LUCK!

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