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The description of my project:

The KnowYaSelf is a project I'm working on right now. The long name for the program I want to launch is Know Your Amazing Self, however, I will be using KnowYaSelf in the logo to make it sound cool, shorter and easier to refer to and recognize.

The Know Your Amazing Self will be a website providing various free and easily digestible psychological information that will help people 16 years of age and older know themselves better and learn some basic psychological knowledge and principals about personality, relationships, communication, conflicts, stress management, anxiety and similar topics, but most importantly learn how to apply some of these principles to real life.

Other features of the website will include: the KnowYaSelf virtual community of people who share their stories and experiences; the opportunity of consulting with mental health professionals in case of a more specific need or concern and receiving direction and professional advice; a section podcasting engaging, insightful, highly professional and inspiring interviews; a psychological testing lab and the product I intend to sell when it's being developed - the Know Your Amazing Self Program.

The Know Your Amazing Self Program will include some of the most effective tools that are available, the best techniques that are used by mental health professionals, as well as exercises, experiments and inspiring challenges that will help individuals delve deep inside and discover their most beautiful and special qualities, strengths, attitudes, beliefs and values.

The task for you:

I would like to have the most attractive, trusting and energizing logo designed for my project.
The words to be included are: KnowYaSelf
I was also thinking about KYS as the shortest version and I like this combination.

Colors: I would like trendy colors and I am more attracted to pastel (especially purple, grey, coral, green). I think a combination of 2 colors is good (I like purple and grey), but it can also be shades of the same color.

I have attached a few pictures of pastel colors I like as well as a logo idea I am more inclined to, but, it doesn't have to be what I sent... be creative :)

Thank you for your interest!

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