Design a Logo for Landscaping Company WITHIN NEXT 24 HOURS!!!

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We are looking for someone to create our logo for a landscaping company, however we prefer not to discuss specifics as to the nature of the actual work. Hopefully this gives enough information:
The logo should be clean, concise and not overwhelming. We would like a bush of grass that is brown on the bottom and green on top (with a good transition, so essentially the brown part is mixed in sporadically around the bottom). There needs to be a paintbrush (black or other neutral color- that clearly looks like a paintbrush) above the bush of grass, brush part facing downward and dripping a couple drops of paint on the grass. There should be some green paint on the tip of the paintbrush. The name is InstaGrass (one word, with the I and G capitalized as shown). Color for the font should be black and we would like a clean, modern font. We will be using this logo on our website, business cards, and other marketing materials.
Please create a version that will fit within Facebook and other social media size constraints.
And please create a version we can use on a website with black background (meaning the parts of the logo that are black would be white).
Thanks so much for your help and please contact me with any questions!

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    Referring to submission fifteen, to clarify.

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