Design a Logo for Mastery Constructions

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UPDATE!! Thanks heaps for the designs so far, it has really been helpful in clarifying what the owner wants.
He would like mastery handwritten (running writing to give that personal edge) in chrome with a coloured outline. Then constructions more block lettering style in the colour with the chrome outline. See attached image. We're also getting a lot of skyscrapers in the design- it's a residential company so skyscrapers arnt appropriate. Thanks again for all the designs so far can't wait to see what else is to come.

Looking for a logo for a brand new residential construction company. The company "Mastery Constructions" is all about quality, passion and personalised service. Mastery is defined as "comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity" and we are trying to bring that out in our logo.

We are looking for an eye catching, personalised, masculine, clean lined and contemporary logo. Colourwise we want to keep it simple - not too many colours, perhaps only one dominant colour that everything could be based around? We also like the option of chrome/polished metal/mirror looking as a great eye catching option.

The logo will need to be provided in all the regular formats - in particular .eps and .jpg. It will need to have clear background and also work in black and white.

Our initial ideas were chrome lettering, or running writing, or perhaps outlined block lettering. However we would really like to see where this logo can go.

Blow us away....

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  • Hamada982
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    hi,please check #28 and #29 thanks

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      28 is pretty cool but check the updates brief

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    Excuse me please! Image size?

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    1. masterycons1
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      Large ? The logo will be used for everything from business cards to wall sized signs

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    sir, i Think Sealed the contest would be good for us... So it will going unique

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    My ideas regarding creativity are waiting to be realised, so context only needs to formulate a motivation, I'm not a terrorist to blow you away :) , but ready to do my best to impress, just motivation is needed!!!

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    we are a growing team in web development and designing world.
    we are creating new customers through out excellent work.
    Give us a chance to add you in our valuable customers...............

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