Design a Logo for My Online Store

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

1. Introduction

Motherland Curios is an online store specialising in Authentic East African Artifacts. At Motherland Curios, we give our customers a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase genuine and exquisite African Curios. Motherland Curios brings to Australia a variety of authentic, unique and contemporary African Artifacts, including:

•African Art
•African Décor
•African Fashion
•African Baskets
•African Gifts
•African Jewelry
•African Housewares
•African Tableware
•African Collectables
•African Furniture
Refer to Appendix 1 (The Store – Motherland Curios) in the attached brief.

2. Logo Background

Appendix 2 (Logo Background) in the attached brief shows the evolution of ideas leading to the current design. The intent was to develop a Logo that represents our business as much as possible. As mentioned below, we are still not satisfied that the end result represents our business brand as much as we would like.

3. Current Logo

Appendix 3 (Current Logo) in the attached brief shows the current Logo Design. We are still not satisfied that the end result represents our business brand.

The main logo font is “African”.

4. Expectations

a. Simple – A Logo that streamlines our design. DON’T over complicate things. Easily recognizable – a lightning-fast way for our customers to notice and remember our brand.
b. Distinct – A Logo that sets us apart. DON’T look just like the competition. A unique and easy to distinguish from other brands.
c. Versatile – Applicability. DON’T design for just one size or medium. A Logo that can be printed at different sizes, across different mediums and in different applications without losing its power.
d. Appropriate - DO think about your industry. DON’T feel the need to be obvious.
An effective logo should be appropriate, but that doesn’t mean it has to be as obvious as you might expect. The Logo needs to communicate the right tone and style. It needs to show or in some way hint at what type of business or product it’s representing.
e. Targeted – A Logo designed for your intended audience (the Australian Market – General Public, interior decorator, interior designer or an architect). The Logo needs to be able to connect with the Australian Market.
f. Memorable – A Logo that is not forgettable; that leaves an impression. A logo that will remain memorable enough that a person who only sees the logo once should still be able to recall it enough to describe the logo to someone else.
g. Timeless - DON’T be too trendy. DO aim for longevity. Trends come and go, and when you’re talking about changing a pair of jeans, or buying a new dress, that’s fine. However, where brand identity is concerned, longevity is key.

5. Budget & Schedule

a. My budget for this project is $75 - $100.
b. Expected Design Schedule – bidders to advise.

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