Design a Logo for the Library For All application!

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Android Device App Icon / Logo

Library For All is committed to unlocking knowledge and opportunities for those in developing countries with limited access to educational materials. We are taking on this mission with our cloud-based library of ebooks. In areas where books are scarce but the mobile networks are growing, our digital platform provides access to critical educational materials. It is optimized for low-broadband environments, easy to use, and will ultimately be device agnostic – and is significantly more cost effective and sustainable than building and maintaining physical libraries. Our content is curated for each site with partners on the ground to meet their specific, educational and cultural needs in the local languages. We have programs in Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo and have plans to expand into Rwanda in the near term. We will continue to expand across the globe to address this critical need.

Please visit [login to view URL] and attached documents for more info about the organization. Library For All's style is both modern and rustic, incorporating the traditional feel of a library with the innovation of emerging technology.

We are very happy with our company logo (attached), but since our digital library is accessed in the form of an App, the logo does not show up well on an Android device (in icon form). We want a clean logo that represents our organization: the nexus of a traditional library and an innovative technology platform that is made available on android devices such as mobile phones and tablets (and soon PCs/TVs). The format of this logo should be in .sgv (vector format).

Our audience: Target user is between the ages of 5-25. Our current users are in Haiti, the Congo, Rwanda, and we are expanding throughout Africa and Asia. Though our focus has been on early grade readers, we want our logo to represent reading for all age groups and cultures, including university level students. We’d like to appeal to a variety of audiences beyond our users: we’d like our logo to represent an innovation in the tech and nonprofit communities.

Our identity:
We like the look/feel of the stamp motif (round/symmetrical), but the colors are not bright or exciting to entice the user. The words “Library For All” do not render well as an app logo

3 themes to associate with Library For All:
Innovation, Opportunity, Literacy

3 themes to avoid associating with Library For All:
“Developing World,” (need to depart from current logo), Imperialistic, Dogmatic

Example logos in our field:
1. Oodles android app -- their logo is nice but a little too cute, kids-focused
2. Ub Reader android app -- might be too abstract/arbitrary. We still want to convey library with the logo somehow.
3. FB Reader android app -- their logo is too the point but too simplistic, generic, and old-school
4. WorldReader GNO and app - interesting/abstract but we’d like to distinguish from it

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