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PIKARTO WEBSITE & APP PROPOSAL The following pages set out the framework and functionality that is required for the PIKARTO website and APP. The overall concept for is to build a website where artists from anywhere in the world can offer their artwork for rental and where people can browse and select artwork that they want to rent. Whilst this concept has some strong similarities to an e-bay style website artists will not be given their own ‘shop’ within the site. The user experience that we want to create is very similar to with the major difference being that artists from around the world can make online listings of their art. Connected with the website will be the PIKARTO APP which will be free and will be designed to raise awareness of PIKARTO. The PIKARTO APP will be a learning based game that will allow people to improve their knowledge of art from different periods, movements and countries. The PIKARTO APP will draw on ideas from the Memrise and Lumosity APPs. Diagram 1 shows the landing page that will be found at Diagram 1 (Page 1): Each of the pages linked to Page 1 are described in more detail below. The key point to note is that visitors will be able to play the PIKARTO game and/or rate PIKS whether or not they have registered. The landing page will feature a large piece of artwork that is randomly selected from the PIKARTO database. This will mean that visitors will see a different image on page 1 each time they visit the PIKARTO site. Once a person signs in to the PIKARTO website they will come to a home page which we refer to as ‘MY PIKS’. Diagram 2 shows the structure of the MY PIKS page. Diagram 2 (Page 2): The MYPIKS page is essentially the dashboard by which users navigate the rest of the website. On this page we will display artwork that the user has previously chosen to add to their collection. When somebody visits this page for the first time after signing up there will be no artwork displayed on this page and there will be a graphic which prompts the user to start building their own personal collection. When a user clicks on ‘browse’ at any point they will be taken to the page set out at diagram 3. Diagram 3 (Page 3): This page allows users to browse the PIKARTO Database in a range of different ways. Each of the options that hang off this page will correspond to a category in the PIKARTO Database. When a user selects a way to browse the artwork will be viewed in a list showing 10 pieces of art on each page. When a user selects a particular piece of art they will be able to see a full page (lightbox) version of that art which they will be able to zoom in on. They will also at this point have options to: 1. rate the piece of art2. add it to shopping cart for rental. To rate a piece of art a user will give it a rating of 1, 2 or 3 (higher being better). Users are not forced to rate art so that if they don’t like it they can simply continue and there is no option to offer a negative comment on the art. Where the artwork receives positive feedback this is added to an overall score for that piece which will be added to the database and will be used to generate an overall score for that piece. Where a user wishes to rent a piece they will add it to their cart and will then pay the rent that has been set for that piece. The mechanism for payment will be controlled by PIKARTO and will result in PIKARTO taking 10% commission from each transaction. If a user clicks on the ‘I’m an Artist’ link from the MYPIKS page (see Diagram 2) they will arrive at the Artists dashboard page. Diagram 4 sets out the details of the Artists dashboard page (I’m an Artist). Diagram 4 (Page 4): Explain each page linked in here…… Diagram 5 (Page 5): Describe how the rating system works…… Diagram 6 (Page 6): DFDKJFAKDLSFJKLADSJF The second aspect of the APP is the selection of what the user wants to learn. Diagram 7 explains the options that will be given to a user

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