Design a Website Mockup for Booking System Site

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Dear All,

What I want is a Simple and Friendly Front End Interface that is able to provide quickest way for people to use the site. The site will be coding from scratch and using codeigniter for php framework. Multilingual in 3 Languages and Fully Responsive. You only provided design in English, and may be cover just iPhone and iPad will do for responsive mock up.

The site is a central booking site in room, table, and appointment booking site. Don't confuse and compare this to or similar site as they are not what I'm looking for.

For Room, It would be normal like hotel type with various room types and may be a calender availability.

For Table, there will be featuring a custom seat map where user can choose which table to book.

For Appointment, there will be featuring with minutes and hours booking.

Business Owner:
The site is featuring a system, which will rent to business runners in those business types (This could be restaurant, cafe, hotel, homestay, clinic, corporate meeting, gaming event, entertainment like bowling etc). They will use our system to manage their booking via online.

They will search what they want (etc italian restaurant, homestay in somewhere/postcode, clinic appointment), the search result will come out the business/company name. Then, the result will go to the link of the company in their own domain name but still similar layout to the main system site, which still somewhere features our logo and site address.

What you may include in the design (below is a suggestion and optional):
1. Home Page/Landing Page
2. About Us (About the System Page)
3. User Registration and Login Page
4. Business Owner Login Page
5. Contact Us
6. Search Result Page
7. Company Booking Profile Page (for Room, Table, Appointment)
8. Room Booking (Various Type Availability)
9. Table Booking (With Seat Map Selection)
10. Appointment Scheduler (Minutes and Hours Booking)

If you are the winner, will get this long term collaboration and this web project is schedule to complete before October 2013 and in mean time will pay if require extra design modification to fit web coding purpose. Contest Winner has to provide the mock up in PSD and AI format.

No Logo and Name have Decided yet, will reserve this to contest winner for ongoing involvement in the project. Guaranteed Long Term. Check my Review and you will know I love to work with guys I know their work and quality.

Feel free to have any clarification on me. Will give feedback promptly.

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  • jatacs
    • cách đây 7 năm

    WHat kind of contest is this, such a fake!!!this should be banned from freelancer!!!!!!a waste of time

    • cách đây 7 năm

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