design advice on connecting FPGAs together

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Hi I am looking for help fleshing out an idea I have for a xilinx FPGA system. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to research this information myself.
I need advice on how to connect FPGAs together, The FPGAS are going to be on daughter cards. I need to connect them together with a bidirectional 100 MB/S link.

Part 1)
Consider 2 FPGAs, One is a Virtex vc5vfx30t The other is a vc5vlx50t . I believe I need to use the Rocket IO. The vc5vfx30t has GTX’s but the vc5vlx50t only has GTP’s
1) Can I join GTX’s to GTP’s? How?
2) Can I join the two FPGAs together via a backplane?
3) What sort of connectors can I use on the backplane (the data signal will need to go through two sets of connector) I prefer a plug and socket, Could you please specify part numbers (in stock at either Farnel of Digikey). FYI I will need other signals and power on the connector as well.
4) Can I connect the FPGAs directly or do I need some voltage translation (how)
5) What about clocking

Are there any special considerations for designing the PCBs (backplane & daughter cards)

Can I use coax cable , if so , what circuitry do I need. Is this preferable?

Part 2, In the general, Can you defined an interface that would work between any Xilinx FPGA (that has Rocket IO)

I might replace one FPGA with a Kintex or Virtex 6/7

Part 3 Same basic question but I only need a bidirectional 10 KB/S connection. And might not have any spare RocketIOs.

Many thanks for considering my project

Best regards

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    I'll send my entry in a day!!

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      how is it going sir , you look as thought you have the exact skills, But there is one day to run and I am not of a mind to extend

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    Hi Hope things are well, If you run out of space you might like to send a couple private emails with more details, I only found this trick out recently

    best Regards

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  • highppo2
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    Many thanks so far, Just to clarify I think the solution will need a back-plane
    I have realized there are quite a few discussion points, so if you want to answer in the general but then concentrate on one or two in detail that might work very well
    best regards

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    1. joka232
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      Sure, any exact answers you are looking for? i may be able to help you with?

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