Design Book Cover for a Paperback Book (Will provide e-book info later)

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I am looking to publish a book soon and need book cover design. Page count is 258 pages. Would like to include the ISBN (978-1-7379281-0-2) and barcode (attached) It will include a picture (attached) of me in the front. With the following text:

Front page will be

Greatness Awaits You! (title)
23 Ways to Unlock the Greatness Within (subtitle)

Carlos T. Carter (author name)

Foreword by Saleem Ghubril (use smaller font)

Will have my picture on the front

(I will also like to include my seeds2fruit by Carlos T. Carter logo (in grayscale)

Back Cover:

Are you hungry to become the best version of yourself and
discover the greatness that is within you?

From the Foreword:
Mr. Carter, with candor and humility, opens windows into his own journey which, like most journeys, includes sunshine and rain, detours, delays, derailments, discouragement, as well as delight and deliverance. He is an open book.
~Saleem Ghabril
The Pittsburgh Promise

Bibliotherapy is real and effective. Carlos’s book can help you heal and find strength, it will serve you well if you want to develop resilience and a perspective of a leader. Through powerful personal stories and research, Carlos connects the dots and makes advice memorable and tailored to you.

~Mila Sanina

Greatness Awaits You is not just another self-help book. Carlos T. Carter is authentic and vulnerable as he shares his personal story of overcoming challenges and failures to realize his dreams and life purpose. After reading this book, you will be inspired and empowered to accomplish anything! This book is for people who are looking to level up their success. Greatness Awaits You will provide direction to unlock the greatness within!

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“He was great to work with!”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ seeds2fruitmotiv, United States.

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