Design Bottle for Boat Compound/Polish

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I am in the process of taking a Boat compound/polish/Sealant to market and need help designing the bottle. The brand is "BoatNano" Attached are my different logos for the brand Boat nano. The product is called “Premier Nano Compound” This product is an all in one Compound/Polish/Sealant all in one product. The Bottle is going to be 1L. The different bottle choices are attached. The "BoatNano" Brand logos are attached. The different color options for the cap are attached as well. I believe I like the Gray bottle the best.

Contents: Water, Mineral Oil, Glycol, Glycerin, Nano Ceramic Elements

Selling points:

Removes oxidation and sanding scratches up to P1000 to P800 when using a wool buffing pad.

Moisturizes and polishes gelcoat and paint to bring up the original surface color.

Seals with nano components giving 5 times the protection as traditional waxes. (6+/-months of protection)

Cuts steps out of traditional detailing processes without sacrificing the quality of finish. No need to buy multiple products.

Creates a smoother shinier finish than traditional compounds and polishes.

Doesn’t dry out fast like traditional compounds. Nano moisturizing elements Cuts and polishes for longer periods of time than traditional compounds allowing you to control the cut better.

Eliminates or reduces swirl marks, water marks, orange peel, scratches, oxidation

Water based

Silicone Free
Directions: Shake well before using. For best results use with an electric buffer and wool polishing pad. Apply enough material to surface to cover a 2x2 area. Apply medium pressure while operating buffer. buff until desired surface condition.

Storage: When not in use keep cap closed. Do not reuse container and make sure it is in accordance with all Federal, State and local laws.
Warning: Causes skin aggravation. May irritate nose and throat. Do not get on clothing. Use with adequate ventilation. Do not drink or ingest. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Close container after each use. When possible use outdoors in an open area. Get medical advice/attention if feeling unwell. Do not eat drink or smoke while using this product.
Limitation of Liability: BoatNano LLC will not be liable for any loss or damages arising from the use or misuse of this product regardless of the legal theory asserted.
Warranty: BoatNano LLC makes no implied or infered warranties regarding the effect of this product.

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      Please check #29 & let me know your thoughts if possible? Hopefully you can see the amount of time i've spent on my designs

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    Dear contest holder,i keep trying till reach what you are looking for....thx

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