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Hi there,
I’m looking for a designer for a logo for my start up, which is called SibTec. I’ve provided a sketch and a short briefing below.

The logo should resemble a freighter or simple ship like shown in the sketch that is used for transportation. It can have a 'pirate'-look like the sketched one but a more steampunkish/postmodern attempt is also welcome - in the end the ship should represent the virtual transportation in our world. So a futuristic spaceship might be considered as well, it is really up to you. I’d like you to imagine a crew of somewhat crazy people which might have faces like the one shown on the flag - their job is it to answer various transportation requests in a fictional world (or universe if we stick to the futuristic attempt) full of adventures and dangers - they take long journeys to unknown places just to drop things and messages they don't know much about or nothing at all. Sometimes the most dangerous part of the journey is the things they loaded their ship with - not knowing what it is, left in the unknown. What they bring back to the bay are stories that turn into myths.

Hope this gave you a better idea of what the logo should look like and represent.

!! EDIT !!
Please bear in mind it's supposed to be used as a logo, im not looking for an illustration. It should look slick, abstract and modern and I DON'T necessarily want my "SibTec" name being integrated in the logo. I've uploaded some examples below, hope that makes it easier for you to understand.

!! EDIT #2 !!
The logo should still be a ship, or at very least have the shape of it but prefer it to be a ship like in the sketch ( a pirate, steampunk or even a futuristic one), the other logo examples provided below are just an example for the style of the logo - slick, modern, abstract, clean-looking

!! EDIT #3 !!
Please USE the sketch provided below as a reference. You may digitalize it in Adobe Illustrator and make it a logo with a modern, abstract look to it like the freelancer logo, or the logo example provided below!

The logo should be provided in .psd (Adobe Photoshop), .ai (Adobe Illustrator), !with seperate layers! as well as in a high resolution png-format (this is just for the convenience) and as a favicon.

The sketched image may be used as an inspiration and may be altered for the sake of making this logo, the usage of this sketch is therefore limited for this contest only. It is still a restricted intellectual property of the artist.

I wish all the participants best of luck!

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