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Good evening, hopefully this contest finds you well. Today I'm looking to take on some official branding as I look to publicize my business more. Let me describe the business first to you, and see if this is something you'd be interested in and then move on to what I'm looking for from the entries. Please note I'm making this a contest as I love creativity and have no specific needs/requests for how you design it. I fully intend on picking and going with the best one.

My Business Name: Barr's Betting
Description: As a lover of sports, I've found myself gambling throughout my many years. I asked myself, "how could I make this better? How could I win more (money) consistently?" I went to college for Computer Science and paired that with Statistics to create algorithms to run numbers and try to give myself an edge at picking games. I finally have well over a year of profitability and have decided I'd like to start a business, sell my picks, and sweat games out with people -- it's more fun in numbers, especially when we're winning.

So I crunch numbers every day, come up with SPORTS BETS that I (the model) think are highly confident and sell those to customers (who go on and bet the games themselves).

So my business is Sports betting, the name is above. I'd love for it to potentially have something(s) to do with both. I like the idea of 1-2 B's as the logo implemented with sports somehow. I've attached what I currently have. It's okay, nothing special and only tailors towards Soccer (pasted a soccer ball in the middle...) and running (no one bets on running). I want something cool, elegant, fresh. Favorite sports are NFL, NBA, NHL probably that order. If I had 1 generic logo and all those, it would be cool, but the way this was delivered doesn't fit my needs.

What I want/need and am looking for:
- Logo for Website
- This could be the logo with the text Barr's Betting, something like that
- Vector for scaling?
- SM Avatar
- Likely just the logo above with no text
- I guess a JPG/PNG is fine here
- Instagram Post Template
- Everyday I want to post on Insta/Twitter/FB/Whatever my results from the previous day (so viewers can see how I'm doing). This should be the size of images to post above, but easy to manipulate with team names and results. Attaching below a couple quick mock-ups of ideas that would be helpful for me and give you an idea of what I mean
- PSD file for easy editing, well organized layers so I can change teams and text every day
- I play 5-7 games a day, so make sure to make space for 7 lines of games depending on what you did. My mockup is completely a suggestion, creativity here is nice!

If I love yours, I may need a few more to keep my SM accounts fresh so Ill pay extra for those after picking your work. Thanks for your time, ask any questions you may have, happy to clarify!

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