Design Post Card for Jewelry Manufacturer (IMAGES PROVIDED)

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We are a wholesale jewelry manufacturer that makes custom jewelry for jewelry stores in the USA. We want to create a sleek and effective post card promoting our custom jewelry manufacturing services to jewelry stores in the US.

-6 x 11 inches
-Double sided full color (front side template has been provided in zip files below)
-Our logo & contact information should be included on post card (provided in zip files below)
-Phone #
-Email address
-Include our current promotion: "FIRST CAD DESIGN IS FREE!" smaller font: "Offer valid for new clients only"

Tag Line: “Quality manufacturing for your custom designs”

Ideas we are trying to get across:
-Superior quality
-Master craftsmanship
-Latest technologies
-From CAD to complete, 5-10 business days
-Full in-house melee inventory
-Complete in-house manufacturing

We want to incorporate 1 image of each of the services we offer (or find your own picture or edit our images). See attachment, you may pick 1 or more images from each folder to represent the service.
-CAD ***We want to emphasis CAD so maybe it can be the background or something***
-3D Printing
-Laser Welding
-Setting (Use "Preferred-Image.jpg" unless other images work better)

Attached are some advertisements our competitors have created. We definitely want to stand out from them!

Please download template and files here:

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“Great designer. Extremely talented. Will 100% use again.”

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