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I need a logo designed. Clothing Line Logo - Alex Wright (AW)

Always Working

Also an Company Name Logo - Always Working LTD (AW)

Brand - #AW

Tagline – Always working

Premise – The aim behind our clothing line is to promote the abbreviation AW ‘Alex Wright’. Growing up as kids with as a strong family foundation around us we have always had the work ethic surrounded by working hard in order to achieve the finest things in life. We decided to bring this brand to life as an inspiration to others describing exactly what our brand is about. We feel this is necessary as in whatever you do in everyday life surrounds some work ethic to achieve the best results, whether it is going to education, working part time or full time, getting up to the gym, helping with the decorating your house and many more. These are all major keys in ensuring you ACHIEVE.
So the word ACHIEVE, ideally always working is hand in hand with achieving! The harder you worker in life the more you can achieve.
The Final representation of our brand is created around leaving your mark. As young men we feel it necessary ‘leaving your mark is essential, a man who does not leave relevance around his name is a man with an uncomplete mission. With the brand AW not only do we plan to be unique, we plan to execute and keep the brand name going until the whole world knows it’s us, whether it’s through music, clothing, businesses, real estates, loans the list is never ending.
Logo Design
With regards to the logo design, we have a rough idea of what we would like to include, however we would need some creativity from the graphic designers themselves to essentially detail/create exactly what we want:
• Colour Representation is important, so our colours would need to represent
• The Actual logo we would want a simple logo to go onto the T-shirts and Shirts which would can be relatively seen, but not too much that it spoils the styling of the brand.
• The Other logo we would like to enforce will be essentially the face of the brand which would feature all the other clothing items.

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    No thank you im all sorted!

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    Hello, are you still interested in this contest? I ask because you do not provide any ratings nor feedback.

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    please check #39 . #40 . #41 .

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