Design Shop Front for "Liquor World" retail store

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We are about to rebrand 3 of our stores with our own brand as we are leaving our existing franchise. The new name is "Liquor World". We aim to provide a service and not just sell booze.

We are looking to take our logo and colours that we previously created, refresh then and incorporate it into the look of the new store, with some guidance from us and your creativity.

We have attached a very rough idea of the space available and what spaces we intend to use.

He is our design brief.

An elegant but attractive font on both a black background and a dark grey. We are willing to look at a colour option but, it needs to work.

A design that expresses the motive of the store "Premium Wines and Spirits". We intend to stock and range this, so we need to appeal to the type that type of customer who is willing to spend more for the service we provide.

There are multiple spaces that we can use in our shop fronts, so we would the following so we can resize them as we need.

1. A banner for the fascia of the building with the colours and logo as per file attached. This will be backlit.
2. A smaller rectangular banner with just the logo
3. A banner with Logo and tag line"Premium Wines & Spirits"
4. A banner with Logo and Name "Liquor World"
5. A flag with the logo and Name
6. Window decal with Logo and name in grey scale
7. Window decal with Logo colour
8. Decal with the word "RTD's"
9. Decal with word "Spirits"
10. Decal with word "Wine"
11. Decal with word "Beer"
12. Business card template

Most of this will be pretty easy once we have the right design agreed upon.

We look forward to working with you. Please see the attached files, as we have already done some the work involved.

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  • nathandrobinson
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    I know the contest is pending—I hope the mockups I provided in #2 show that I can work with you to meet your needs for the project. I can edit designs further upon feedback from you as needed. Thanks in advance!

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    please check #17

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  • nathandrobinson
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    I'd love some feedback on #2 if you can! Looking forward to hearing from and working with you. Cheers!

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