Design some Business Cards for Covert Cuisine

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I am looking for business cards for my new secret dining venture called Covert Cuisine. It is important the business cards are sophisticated, intriguing and exciting.

I have attached the logo in PNG and JPG. Feel free to cut this up and use just the image or just the text etc.

On the business card I would like the following information:

Name: Alison Perizi (aka Agent Edesia)
Title: Chief Epicurean Officer
Address: PO Box 360, Fairy Meadow NSW 2519
Phone: 0416 255 502
Website: [login to view URL]
Quote: A secret worth discovering

Most importantly, we are looking for something sophisticated, intriguing and different!

About Covert Cuisine
Covert Cuisine is a secret dining event that takes place once a month and provides a surprise dining experience for those with a taste for adventure.

The location of the event is kept a secret, you don't know where you're going or who you'll meet until 2 hours before when you receive an sms with the details.

When you arrive at the secret destination you are treated to a VIP culinary journey with fellow foodies.

Secret dining events are themed and held in unique locations where you normally wouldn't have dinner. Every event is different and features a new venue and chef.

Secret dining events showcase a regions unique venues, chefs, local produce and performing artists.

The Covert Cuisine secret dining events also provide a fun social event for the more mature age group who have refined taste.

Target Audience: 30 to 50 year olds, professionals, academics, artists, entertainers, food lovers who have disposable income and a taste for the finer things in life.

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“Sele2\'s entries in my business card contest were by far the best, her designs were very creative and professional. Sele2 was very flexible and was willing to provide multiple updates and variations.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ alisonperizi, Australia.

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    Designgot Agency
    • cách đây 4 năm

    plz chek #49

    • cách đây 4 năm
  • thezombiecarrot
    • cách đây 4 năm

    Hello, could you please review entry #47 and #48 ? Thank you.

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    Hello, Can u make this contest guranteed !

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    Please review entry 3

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  • BobbijoPMH
    • cách đây 4 năm

    Please review #1 , and feel free to contact me. I am in Australia also, so I can work closely with you to produce Business cards and other collateral.

    • cách đây 4 năm
  • shah14sarvesh
    • cách đây 4 năm

    what type of card you want? one sided or both ?

    • cách đây 4 năm

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