Design website for online typing company (+ business pack)

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I need a completely new and creative graphic design for the website plus business pack(logos, business cards, headed paper and ad banner) for the new online typing company, specializing in online transcriptions for medical sector.

I. The logos.
The logos need to be really simple. The name of the company is WeType and I'd like to have the name become main element of the logo.
I will be needing two logos: one square and one oblong.

II. Business cards and headed paper - usual.

III. Ad banner
The banner needs to contain company name and logo and contact details (phone, email, web address). Size 380 x 70.

IV. The website
1. the design needs to be clean and modern. The website will be based on Bootstrap 3.0 and Joomla so the designer needs to take it into account.
2. I will need two separate designs: one for homepage and one for subpage
3. the website itself will be very simple. I am not sure yet about the exact layout of the pages but the following elements will be needed:
a) on homepage:
- latest news block
- client testimonials block
- head image or image slideshow
b) on subpage:
- the main thing should be of course content block
c) common elements:
- main navigation and quick links
- footer with usual links, copyright etc.

I have no preferences as to the colours (maybe would prefer not too dark scheme). Be creative here. Should you need any images, please take them from any stock website and I'll buy them later.

I am not an expert with graphics so not sure how exactly the deliverables should look like. Probably PSD files or other common format - something that can later be easily converted into HTML. Please advise here - I rely on you in this matter.

The successful bidder is likely to be awarded with more work as the next stage will be to design transactional website.

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“Great job and thanks. Looking forward to work with the coder in the future.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ jmper, Poland.

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