Develop a Corporate Identity & Company Logo for Centurion Capital

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I have a company called Centurion Capital. It is essentially a real estate investment, funds management and property development company that offers investors opportunities to participate directly into Australian property. I require a new corporate identity and wish to establish this along with company logo and brand identity for use in print and online media. The company is based in Queensland Australia and 100% Australian owned. We hope to be recognised as a leading Australian boutique property fund manager. The design should be contemporary but professional and should communicate security, integrity and growth. The emphasis here will be on Australian Property Funds Management, Investment & Development and the corporate image should represent a fresh, punchy, contemporary approach with powerful and recognisable branding potential.

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  • whitecat26
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Please open it again and do inform me as soon as you reopen it....thnx

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • LuchianTeodor
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Sir, please check #19. If you'll choose me, I will draw a better contour of the country and I will work until 100% satisfaction.

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • gldesign
    • cách đây 10 năm

    Please feedback to #2.

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • panosmykonos
    • cách đây 10 năm

    if you want guarante the contest so more designers will participate

    • cách đây 10 năm
  • PrintMe
    • cách đây 10 năm

    #1 - So creepy!

    • cách đây 10 năm
    1. sarah07
      • cách đây 10 năm

      Hell yeah! Does that in most contests >_<

      • cách đây 10 năm

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