Develop a Corporate Identity for Maddington Smash Repairs

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We are a family owned and run Auto Body Repair Shop (Collision Repair - Smash Repair) Business located in Perth, WA, Australia.
We specialise in repairing Motor Vehicles after a collision or accident.
We are a recommended repairer for all major insurance and fleet companies Australia wide.
We have a staff of approx. 16.
We are an industry leader in our field utilizing the most up todate equipment and repair procedures available.
We would like a logo that is slick , modern and with a professional corporate feel.
A logo and identity that immediately makes us recognisable to our customers and Insurance company alike.
Our company name is 'Maddington Smash Repairs'.
We would like both a short logo using the 'MSR' shortened version as well as the longer version.
I will attach our existing logo as well as our shop front for ideas.
As our business is in the car repair industry the logo should incorporate this.
We need the design identity and logo complete to download in an agreed format and able to be used for brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, banners etc.
Please ask any questions and I will endeavour to answer them as soon as possible.

Colours to reflect building? Maybe dark metallic grey or chrome and an orange or lime green to contract?
Or the similar as now Blues/reds/silver/chrome.


I have attached some logo designs I like.
As explained would like an abbreviated logo "MSR" AS WELL AS COMPLETE CORPERATE LOGO MADDINGTON SMASH REPAIRS.

tHANKS nad good luck.

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    Please Feedback #6

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    1. m2ny
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      Please Feedback #76

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  • Xatex92
    • cách đây 5 năm

    Hi sir, please check and feedback #30 .I made both, shorter and longer version of logo! Hope you like it! Thanks!

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  • mNorbert
    • cách đây 5 năm


    I’m a student, web designer and developer currently based in Szczecin, Poland (Europe). ​​I'm freelancer specializing in webdesign and branding. I'm interested in cooperation with you. I can offer designing website and slicing project to html and css.

    I’ve started doing professional works in webdesign in 2007. As the time has passed, experience allowed me to craft my skills. I’ve been constantly trying to improve every day. I’m technically proficient, easy to work with and I love my job. So what are you waiting for?

    Thanks for considering mme for your project and I am excited being associated with you. My projects are featured on and


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    hi, wat can i do to take more stars?

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  • aduetratti
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    hi, if you like it #12 i make business card, if you want i can change colors

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  • webhubsolution
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    tell us about our design #2 #3 #4 #5 #7 #8 ...and please rate us

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  • blogfor
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    We are very much interested in this job.
    Could you plz tell me what are the materials you are looking for.
    1. logo@

    Then I think it will be great for us to give you a complete look.
    Secondly could you plz make it a sealed project then I think more designer will be interested.
    Thanking you and waiting for your ans.

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