Draw a cute fairy and make a fairy certificate

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

Hello designers,

We are looking for a beautiful and cute fairy + a fairy certificate to be designed.
There will be several variations on the main design to tailor it to boys and girls.

Here’s what we need:
- Tooth fairy boy
- Tooth fairy girl
- Pacifier fairy girl (for kids who have stopped using a pacifier)
- Pacifier fairy boy

For each fairy, we’ll need multiple versions with minor changes to tailor it to different boys and girls: (e.g. blonde hair, red hair, brown hair, black hair, brown skin/dark hair, brown skin/afro hair, possibly curly and straight hair. The tooth fairies can have the same pose.

Once the tooth fairies are approved, we’ll also need:
- 1 x cute tooth fairy certificate (A4 sheet)
- 1x cute pacifier fairy certificate (A4 sheet)

For each certificate, we'll need multiple versions with minor changes (e.g. different text and colors). See the attached file for examples of fairies and certificates.


PRICE: $35

- By participating in this contest, you agree that you are producing the illustration(s) as part of our production team. If you’re selected as the winner, the design(s) you’ve produced will be owned by us: We will own the FULL (copy)rights to the designs we purchase and we can reproduce, sell or use them any way we choose to.

- Anything you submit has to be 100% unique and produced by you from scratch.
- This contest will be upgraded to “guaranteed” as soon as we receive at least one design we truly like.
- As long as the contest is open, we’re accepting and reviewing submissions.
- We will check and rate all entries.

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