Drinks Menu for Italian Restauranrt

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I need a Drinks Menu created for an Italian Restaurant. Following are some attachments and requirements to guide you:

The menu is to be two pages (I have broken the content up into [Page 1] and [Page 2]. The content to be included in the menu is attached to this post. Page 1 is basically wines, page 2 is all other drinks. I have suggested an order for the drinks, but especially on Page 2 I'm happy for you to play around with layout. Pricing is listed for each item. Please don't include the words "Heading", "Sub-Heading" or "Description" (these are for your information only).

Following are some requirements for the design:
1. Two pages. Only entries that display both pages will be eligible for selection.
2. Size is to be the height of an A4 piece of paper and 12cm wide.
3. Background is to be white. Print will be on a high gloss paper that can be wiped down/reused.
4. Smallest font size is to be readable on print, around 11pt for most fonts.
5. I'd like some form of the grapes in my logo in the background. Experiment with grey/red
6. Please see attachments for further guidance.
7. Be creative. Everything I have said here is for guidance, you are the desiner so if you think something should be done differently or you have idea, feel free to innovate! Happy for you to experiemnt with icons instead of conventional words like glass and bottle
8. Would prefer if you can do this in Illustrator so I can make edits. If something else needs to be used then that is fine.

Following are some attachments to guide you.

1. Corvina Mothers Day Menu [login to view URL] - this is the look I am going for. The font used is Cochin. This is my attempt and I am by no means a designer, I'd expect you to be able to one-up me ;)
2. Corvina [login to view URL] - This is the logo for the restaurant. You will have to use the grapes from this logo if re-using for background. The font used for my logo is Palatino.
3. Drink [login to view URL] - the content to be included on page 1 & 2
4. Old Wine [login to view URL] - this is the old wine layout list (page 1 and 2). Happy for you to do as you see fit, however, I do like the column layout of the glass/bottle pricing.
5. Wine Menu [login to view URL] - This is the clipboard that the wine menu (page 1 and 2) goes in.
6. [login to view URL] - my start attempt if it helps at all. Feel free to throw out.
7. Menu Folder - the folder for my food menu. (just an FYI for you).

The winner of this job will likely win further work to re-design the restaurant's food menu in the coming weeks. The food menu should use a similar style guide.

Let me know if you have any questions and good luck!

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“Very responsive to the changes I needed. Thanks for the hard work :)”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ applaps, Australia.

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  • satishandsurabhi
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    Please Check my entry #6 & update your comments. Thanks.

    • cách đây 6 tháng
  • vallabhvinerkar
    • cách đây 6 tháng

    Hello CH...
    Some request.Can you provide Drinks list in other proper way like Excel or word etc. so we can get it easily. Thank you..

    • cách đây 6 tháng
  • designdeeptilele
    • cách đây 6 tháng

    Please save in CS6 compatible

    • cách đây 6 tháng
  • designdeeptilele
    • cách đây 6 tháng

    I'm sorry couldnot open the Corvina logo file.. Can you please save it to lower version compatible?

    • cách đây 6 tháng

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