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I need a front cover design for an ebook.

I have no images or concept art so please read the description of the setting and the characters and let your imaginations run wild. I'll always answer queries and questions if you feel like you need more detail before starting your design.

I have been asked this in the public board. So I will put it here. The images that you use must be 100% copyright, royalty free, and legal for me to use, either from brought stock photos that allow you to modify the image for resale or ones from license and royalty free websites.

I cannot accept or award a prize for a cover that has images from other book covers, films, tv, video games etc etc, which would breach copyright for me to use, in my last contest someone actually put lara croft on their cover and thought I wouldn't notice!

As I can't guarantee the eBook will sell I won't be offering any ongoing royalties and will need to own the image exclusively but I will happily list your name on the dedication page along with any URL's to online portfolios which I hope might attract some extra attention to the winner.

I ask that the final submission be in at least a JPEG and a pdf.

The ideal size is 1500 x 3000 pixels

As I have had requests in the past this is to let to let everyone know for future reference, I will NOT be sealing the project. If the small prize money did not give me away the budget for this is very tight and sealing the project costs another £30.00 which, unfortunately, I just don't have to spend.

I am sorry if this puts people off and I will keep an eye on designs and if one does start to resemble another freelancers work I will reject the entry for that reason. Also if a freelancer feels that their work is being ripped off they can post a message here, or email me privately if they wish at mythicalkitten@gmail.com, and I will reject entries if I agree they are being reworked.

It must have the eBook title which is "Guardian" and the author name (me) shown as "K F Williams"

A quick history behind the novel is that Earth and another world called Favlas by a energy barrier called the Nexus, Favlas is full of magic and mythical creatures are joined by the Nexus which is a ribbon of energy which allows free passage between the two worlds.

Now about the book:

It is set in Maine in the year 2352, because magic interferes with electronics there are no flying cars or sci-fi kind of things in my future.

The heroine is a powerful witch ( please no black robes and pointy hats :)! ) in her early twenties, called Helena, she has long blonde hair which is always worn up in a bun with her wand used like a chopstick to hold the style in place.

She has an older brother, and an identical twin sister, neither of whom are witches and can't cast spells.

Thier parents died in a sailing accident when she was sixteen.

She lives on the Star Chaser, this is a six berth sail boat.

Her main method of transportation in by turning her wand into a staff and flying. (No broomsticks please)

Completely unknown to other witches, there is an intelligence of old power that lives in the Nexus. The witches in Helena's family tree have always guarded this creature, but because of her fathers death Helena hasn't been given all the lessons on how to guard it.

The book centres around three themes:

1st. The arrival of the Nexus creature (who remains in the Nexus and don't have a corporal body) and her Judgement on if it deems her able to be its Guardian, a worryingly tall ask when she has no training.

2nd. The return of the sister who has lived an estranged life since receiving her inheritance, after promptly spending it, she got a job, mortgage, credit cards using her identical twins magical references, she was been caught out and has now come back to her family on the run from the law trying to avoid paying the price for her actions.

3rd. And the sudden romantic attentions of her boss son, an Elf, who wants to sweep her off her feet

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“excellent work, adapted their contest entry several times according to feedback I left. couldn\'t be happier”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ mythicalkitten, United Kingdom.

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  • ducdungbui
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Waitting in hope :).

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • zeabnahtanoj
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Hi, the #64 :)

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • harshanadineth
    • cách đây 7 năm

    look #63

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • abdullahbuhaini
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Entry #51

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • vishnuremesh
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  • RPDonthemove
    • cách đây 7 năm

    #5. Thanks

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • mythicalkitten
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 7 năm

    The Nexus looks basically like the northern lights but is in the Nine Colours of Magic (Black White Grey Blue Green Red Purple Orange and Yellow) it would have glitter shimmer to it like oil on the surface of a bubble. When it manifests it does so in Portals, oblong in shape and approximately 7 foot tall, same colours again, with anchors coming out of the bottom which hold the Portal in place

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • mythicalkitten
    Chủ cuộc thi
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Helena is twenty four, with long blonde hair worn up as described, she has green eyes.

    • cách đây 7 năm
  • myworldmarijna
    • cách đây 7 năm

    Can you describe Helena in more details and Nexus ?

    • cách đây 7 năm

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