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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I need a cover for my ebook. It's called Minimalist Lifestyle: Live Joyfully By Releasing What You Don't Love. It is a book about the benefits of simplifying your life by clearing out items you don't use or don't love that are taking up space and time. A copy is provided if you need further info about what is included. Written by Natalie Shively.

Please see my logo and cover for a related digital product to get a sense of the style and colors I like. I'm looking for clean, modern, and conveying the benefits of getting rid of clutter for a happier and healthier lifestyle. Something that portrays a simple space, with only loved and cherished items and a happier person who spends less time cleaning.

Please include one version with a 3d mockup pf book standing up in png file, like the sample provided.

Color codes:
Dark Purple:
Print (C=88, M=100, Y=18, K=15) PMS 2617c
Web (R=69, G=39, B=113) Web (#452771)
Med. Purple:
Print (C=57, M=95, Y=0, K=0) PMS 2593c
Web (R=133, G=53, B=148) Web (#853594)
Light Purple:
Print (C=33, M=64, Y=0, K=0) PMS 2573c
Web (R=172, G=114, B=176) Web (#AC72B0)
Light Green:
Print (C=30, M=0, Y100, K=0) PMS 382c
Web (R=191, G=215, B=48) Web (#BFD730)
Dark Green:
Print (C=85, M=24, Y=93, K=9) PMS 7731c
Web (R=33, G=134, B=73) Web (#218649)

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