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Please read the description in full before submitting a design idea.

I require two finished products. The first is a 1-page Microsoft Word template and the second is a 10-15 slide PPT template. Both documents will be used as a sales tool for a newly formed company called Rubicon Talent & Consulting. I have provided my logo and color scheme details in the attached files. I have also attached a sample 1-page document that shows what I am looking for. Please note, the sample PDF is for a different company, so the design must be unique to Rubicon Talent & Consulting.

I'm looking for a talented designer to create PowerPoint and Word templates that embody a classic and elegant aesthetic, reflecting my company's branding across every page. The design should not only enhance our professional image but also make our documents instantly recognizable.

**Key Requirements:**

- **Design Aesthetic:** The templates need to showcase a classic and elegant style. Think along the lines of simple yet sophisticated designs that speak volumes about our brand's identity.
- **Branding Integration:** Our logo and brand colors should be featured prominently on each page. This includes the strategic placement of our logo and the use of our brand colors in the design elements.
- **Specific Elements:** The project must include:
- Custom header and footer designs that complement each other and the overall design theme.
- Pre-designed cover pages that are versatile enough to be used for various corporate documents.
- Multiple PowerPoint slide layouts suitable for different types of presentations, such as team meetings, client proposals, and corporate summaries.

NOTE: I have included a sample PDF document from a different company that reflects what I would like to achieve. I have several different training courses that I need to create 1-2 page data sheets for. I would like the Word template to have fillable spaces where I can easily insert the name of the course, the duration, learning objectives, a description of the course, instructor credentials, etc.

Also, I would like the PPT template to have several difference slide layouts that can be used to construct slides for many different scenarios, such as basic text -based communication, graphic heavy slides, data presentations, etc.

**Ideal Skills and Experience:**

- Proficient in graphic design with a portfolio showcasing previous work in creating branded templates.
- Expertise in using design software, such as Adobe Creative Suite, to develop custom designs.
- Familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint and Word, including the ability to create templates that are user-friendly for individuals without design backgrounds.
- Strong understanding of branding principles and how to effectively integrate brand elements into design projects.
- Excellent communication skills to ensure the final products align with our vision.

These templates will be used in client sales meetings to showcase our company services, so they need to be crisp, clear, and able to convey simple messages. The project is pivotal in ensuring our corporate identity is consistently presented across all our official documents. I'm eager to work with someone who understands the importance of brand consistency and can deliver elegant, branded templates that elevate our company's professional image.

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“Excellent to work with. Very accommodating and quick to respond to additional requests. The finished materials look amazing are are ready for me to share with my clients. Thank you very much Iram.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ RubiconTalent, Canada.

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