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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

We are looking for a person who can create a EMAIL SIGNATURE design for media company Gooders News. Signature will be put on the bottom of email. We are not looking for text on white background, we are looking for real design according to guidelines.

Gooders News is the first positive media company in Croatia! We want to change the way media communicate with the public and provide readers with all best positive news in one place.

We need signature according to the following instructions:
1. Please use our identity colors in flyer: blue (R36 G169 B225 or #24A9E1) and white color (you can also use other colors, but this one should be the main ones)
2. Please use horizontal dimension (not quadrate) and make sure that all text is ''easy to read'' and font is big enough
3. If you want, you can use our logotype fonts (it is not nessesary): Nexa (Bold) and Proxima Nova (Reg)

7. Flyer should include following elements:

LOGOTYPE - Gooders News

POSITION: Generalni direktor
PHONE NUMBER: 091/985-2120

NAME: Gooders News Hrvatska
ADDRESS: Ilica 71, Zagreb, RH
LINK TO OUR WEBSITE: [login to view URL]

Little text, somewhere in the corner: ''Projekt tvrtke'' (Project of a company) + MINI LOGOTYPE #2 - Nikola Zec Business

Optional elements (elements that you doesnt have to use)
TEXT: PRVA POZITIVNA MEDIJSKA KUĆA U HRVATSKOJ ( means: first positive media company in croatia)
OFFICIAL HASHTAG: #širipozitivu
ICONS: Facebook (Gooders News Hrvatska), Instagram (goodersnews) and Youtube (Gooders News)

Basically, we give you complete freedom to choose what you think is best ...
We are going to need all vector files of design.

In attachment you can find a .png logo and logo identity guidelines :) In case you need something, just let me know.

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“Nice design... ”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ nzec, Croatia.

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    Please Check #28

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    How much will be width this height?

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    check please #7 , #8

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  • JeanetteRoos
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    In what format must the final be in? PNG / JPG so that you can just enter into your email signature option?

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    1. nzec
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      It can be in JPG or PNG...

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