Excel attendance tracking sheet by client by event

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I'm looking for someone to create an attendance tracking sheet for me in Excel, based on the client name and events for each month I will provide ( please add placeholders of 31 events per month and I can add event names to the finished product. This sheet should be able to track which of my clients and give them a value for each recent ( 1 point -attended, -1 point - canceled last minute, -2 points- No show at the event. They would receive 0 points for not signing up or canceling early and 2 points for taking a survey or helping with a fundraiser). The monthly totals should show next to the client's name for each month tab and the totals by month will show up next to each client's name and birthdate on the first roll-up tab. The data should be presented in a chart, grid, or table format. My company name should also be included. I need a form to be able to add new clients to the list and their information should show on each page and the front page. The formulas should load for each client once added. I would like to be able to have a form or something that allows us to add events for each month (they are not always the same). The freelancer should have experience creating something like this and be able to provide recommendations on the best way to present the data. I want the form data locked so it cannot be accidentally changed. If no data is entered it should either be blank or auto-load a 0 for the event (whichever is easier).

The front page should also highlight once any client total equals 20 as they can cash in points for prizes. We also need a way to track when they exchanged points for a prize that tracks the date and the number of points exchanged and the prize they took. The example attached does not have the formals needed- just wanted to show you how it should basically look. This is tracking for a points store where they can exchange points for prizes.

The front page should also show any points used for prizes and the date when used so it can be easily seen at a glance. I would like it to look attractive too with the logo and such. Eventually, there will be hundreds of names with birthdates and email addresses (many kids have the same name, and the birthdate and email address confirms identity. We will need to copy and paste the names into the roster initially and after the initial data input - we can use the form going forward. There can be more than one event on the same date and a child may attend more than one for each day

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