Exciting Car Lottery Animation

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Tóm tắt cuộc thi

I am seeking a talented animator to bring to life a realistic and captivating 2D animation(or AI), highlighting the sheer excitement of our car lottery event. The focus of this animation will be a brand-new Mercedes, the car should be on a raised platform and have an arch above it that says Q WINNERS , gleaming under the bright lights of a shopping center, surrounded by the vibrant atmosphere of the event, and flanked by two enthusiastic hostesses selling lottery tickets.

Here's what I envision and require for this project:

- **Realistic 2D Animation:** The style should be as close to real-life as possible, capturing the sleek design of the Mercedes and the lively environment of the shopping center.

- **Voice-over and Background Music:** I want the animation to include both a compelling voice-over that captures the thrill and anticipation of the lottery and background music that complements the overall excitement of the scene.

- **Storytelling:** The animation should tell a story that not only showcases the Mercedes as a grand prize but also captures the energy and enthusiasm of the event, encouraging viewers to feel the excitement and participate.

**Ideal Skills and Experience:**
- Proven track record in creating realistic 2D animations.
- Ability to incorporate voice-overs and sync background music with visual content.
- Experience in storytelling through animation, ideally with a focus on promotional content.
- A portfolio showcasing similar projects or animations focusing on events and promotions.

The end goal of this animated video is to not only showcase the incredible prize but to immeracqueline ly communicate the unique atmosphere of the lottery event, driving interest and participation from our audience. I look forward to working with a skilled animator who can bring this vision to life, ensuring every frame pulses with the excitement and allure of the chance to win a brand new Mercedes.

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“Very professional and polite, I asked for additional things and he did everything.”

Hình ảnh hồ sơ Mate17, Croatia.

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