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I want a programmer who can help me evalute BY SHOWING SAMPLES some user-friendly tools to build
expert system with a graphical interface:
1. Knowledge Representation Tools:


1 ● XMind (Free & Paid): This mind mapping software allows you to visually organize the
knowledge for your expert system. You can create topics, subtopics, and relationships
between them, making it easy to understand the overall structure and flow of your planning
2 ● CmapTools (Free): Another mind mapping tool specifically designed for knowledge
representation. It offers features like concept maps, flowcharts, and annotations, helping you
capture complex planning knowledge in a clear visual format.
2. Decision Tree Tools:
2.1 ● Lucidchart (Free & Paid): This versatile tool allows you to create flowcharts and decision
trees specifically. You can define planning scenarios, user inputs, and decision rules with a
drag-and-drop interface, making it easy to visualize the decision-making process within your
expert system.
● 2.2 Tryber (Free): This online tool focuses on decision tree creation. It offers a user-friendly
interface for building decision trees with branching logic, ideal for representing conditional
statements and potential outcomes in your urban planning system.
3. Rule-Based Tools:
● 3.1 EasyRules (Open-Source): While it has a bit of a learning curve, EasyRules provides a
visual rule builder specifically designed for defining rules within expert systems. It allows you
to create rules in a natural language format and connect them visually, offering more
advanced capabilities for complex planning scenarios.
Choosing the Right Tool:
The best tool for you depends on the specific needs of your expert system. Here's a quick
●3.2 Start with mind mapping (XMind or CmapTools) to organize your overall planning
knowledge and identify key decision points.
● 3.3 Move to decision trees (Lucidchart or Tryber) to represent the branching logic and
decision-making processes within your system.
● 3.4 For advanced rule-based systems (EasyRules) consider this option if your planning
scenarios involve intricate rules and conditions.
Remember, these tools can be a great starting point for building a graphical interface for your
expert system. While they may not require full-fledged programming, some basic understanding
of knowledge representation and decision-making logic will be beneficial.
In addition to the tools, here are some resources to get you started on building your urban

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  • sammy413
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    Hello, kindly check out my entry #11

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    Please note that i need to see demo s SAMPLES , before we write analysis and evaluation

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      Thank you.

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    Please note i am not a programmer.please do not show me code, show me redult

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    I need samples please.

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    "Could you clarify the specific requirements or features you're looking for in the expert system tools, to ensure the evaluation aligns with your needs?

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